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Enjoy Counter Strike
coldzera | 
India Hafnex 
Guys, I want to request you all to just enjoy the game and stop trolling players. I know it's tough and the whole point of Hltv is just that where you get a dedicated platform to insult players but seriously please stop this Zywoo > S1mple S0mple Zypoo thing. Please enjoy these players play. Zywoo, Niko, Coldzera, S1mple, Device....5 best players who once go will be missed forever and all of them are equally good. I love these guys. Fortunate to watch then play
2021-01-25 07:44
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Sorry we can't
2021-01-25 07:45
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2021-01-27 21:34
If S1mple has million number of fans i am one of them . if S1mple has ten fans i am one of them. if S1mple have only one fan and that is me . if S1mple has no fans, that means i am no more on the earth. if world against the S1mple, i am against the world. i love S1mple till my last breath... Die Hard fan of S1mple. I Think S1mple Best player & Smart In the world!!
2021-01-25 07:47
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cringe. Maybe save your undying love for someone who even knows who you are and not some retard who is good at clicking on heads in a videogame.
2021-01-25 07:54
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He should svae his love for pokimane :p
2021-01-25 08:06
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Yes, exactly. Whatever a pokimane is
2021-01-25 09:53
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Russia xtkjdtr001
Damn tell em!
2021-01-25 10:08
My queen
2021-01-25 10:13
kekw good advice. Sports and Esports are kinda similar now a days btw. Entertainment is Entertainment and you can admire anyone who is literally the best in something. Tell me what you are a genius at?
2021-01-25 11:43
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Im a genius at shitting on kids on hltv and not being a cringy barnacle nerd. Im not fascinated by the lives of others, I try to live my own life instead of sucking peoples dicks
2021-01-27 21:30
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United States GGtho
So a typical hater, got it!
2021-01-27 21:39
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whatever you say loser
2021-01-27 21:44
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United States GGtho
Nt hater cum virgin kkkkkkkkkk
2021-01-27 21:44
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wtf is a hater cum virgin? is he a virgin because he hates cum? or is he a hater that never came in his life? or is he hating on other people that are cum virgins? I am so confused
2021-01-27 22:07
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United States GGtho
Okie dokey
2021-01-28 02:43
Flag and flair checks out,, btw s0mple doesn't have bob and vagene.....
2021-01-27 21:36
The thing is the CS fanbase is pretty young, so it will be retarded as all young people are, might never change...
2021-01-25 07:48
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no it aint, all CSGO fans are literally in their 20s, some even in late 20s. You are confusing fortnite with CSGO
2021-01-27 21:37
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In CIS CSGO is very popular among kids / teens.
2021-01-27 21:43
20 is young
2021-01-27 22:37
ropz | 
Netherlands ONGix
device lmao
2021-01-25 07:50
The ones who troll are just lonely losers who wont get attention otherwise or just young people who are not mature.
2021-01-25 07:51
You'd have to be a real simpleton to partake in a fanboy war over who is the best counter strike player. A true waste of human life.
2021-01-25 07:53
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
ok but objectively speaking zywoo>s1mple
2021-01-25 08:00
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- | 
Europe legal2333
-1 OurBiased Opin eoNs
2021-01-25 14:41
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan
wtf I wish I could understand that
2021-01-25 15:30
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- | 
Europe legal2333
Biased opinions)
2021-01-25 15:53
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan
but it isnt
2021-01-25 15:55
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- | 
Europe legal2333
I aren't think that
2021-01-25 15:56
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan
2>1 zywoo 2 top1 and s1mple 1 top1 so zywoo>s1mple proven by math (objective (not biased))
2021-01-25 15:58
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- | 
Europe legal2333
Fluke online doesn't count
2021-01-25 16:00
Russia Kalacia
Most recent match s1mple>zywoo therefore s1mple>zywoo obviously 0-0
2021-01-27 21:33
lol zypoo kinda funny
2021-01-25 08:04
2021-01-25 09:54
kek , u threw a game bcz of trollers i suppose
2021-01-25 10:10
they are not equally good
2021-01-25 15:55
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
All players should be respected equally, in my opinion.
2021-01-25 15:58
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Yes I respect forsaken and kqly just as much as S1mple and ZywOo!
2021-01-27 21:57
Peru devbot
nt baitzera
2021-01-27 22:38
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