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240hz monitor
Sweden rtardnumerouno 
I need some suggestions on which 240hz monitor to buy. I don't Care about color, all i Care about is the performance of the monitor. I know all the pros use zowie xl2546, and i am considering buying it but it's pretty expensive ($700 in my country) so I was wondering if there are some Good alternatives? Or is the extra money it costs truly worth it?
2021-01-25 12:10
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there's barely any advantage gain from 240hz. You'd better invest in high end 144hz...
2021-01-25 12:12
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lol 240hz is way smoother than 144hz
2021-01-25 12:15
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Other M@GNU5
2 ms is quite a big gap if you are playing to grind
2021-01-25 12:22
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It is a difference if you aim to become the best one and your main focus is just playing competitively but most people play recreationally - In that case a high end 144hz is way better since you're more likely to get top of the line 144hz monitor with the best stand, panel and other features. If you buy low end 244hz it's usually way worse in all aforementioned categories - or at least that's my thoughts. If there are no budget restrictions why shouldn't one buy 360hz already?
2021-01-25 12:33
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not true, a 240 hz monitor is smoother than 144, I can feel difference.
2021-01-25 15:20
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Not true what? "there's barely any advantage gain from 240hz." B A R E L Y
2021-01-25 15:54
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What i'm saying is yes there is. It is significantly clearer. When playing on 144 I could make out some lag and tear there and there. 240hz completely got rid of that issue. It is 110% worth the money. I'm guessing you've never bought a 240 hz monitor? You say that a high end 144hz monitor has better features, what features?
2021-01-25 16:43
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What better features might a higher end monitor have? How about I start with the most important one - the monitor panel :O IPS,TN,TL - color accuracy and gamut, glossy vs matte coating, color bit depth, resolution................not enough? There's more! The overall build quality - using cheap plastics or some premium ones? The list goes on, I am guessing you've never cared about monitors, have you? A good monitor for one person is bad for the other. Too many factors, caring solely about hz is not simply wise.
2021-01-25 17:16
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Guy literally said that he doesn't care about color. IN FACT the monitor I got, the xl2540K for 330$ has great colors, and wonderful build quality. You should look into one.
2021-01-25 17:37
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XL2540K has a TN panel = shit colors. Sure, it is a good monitor, but one of its features is not good colors.
2021-01-25 17:43
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comparing it to ips panels of 240hz, you actually get comparable results. I watched a video on linus tech tips and other youtubers.
2021-01-25 17:46
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I literally have the same monitor and the colors are really washed out even compared to my laptops ips panel.
2021-01-25 17:47
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hmm really? after I changed up the settings I didn't think they were bad. Default settings are terrible though. I can agree on that. Maybe i'll hhave to get ips monitor one day.
2021-01-25 17:59
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You can make the colors look brighter but then the color accuracy is bad. Also the blacks are bad with tn. I mean the colors are not that terrible but they are far from being good.
2021-01-25 18:00
I had a TN panel and I thought colors were ok but comparing it with my ips side by side you can tell the difference.
2021-01-29 16:42
I can check it, sure but if it has a TN it's nowhere close to the IPS colour spectrum. True, in OP's case I shouldn't have recommended a high end 144 when all he cares about is competitive gaming. have a gooday!
2021-01-25 17:57
United States Chromy24
-1 shitlord is a known racist
2021-01-25 17:31
which means that in a case of two same good aimers, one will barely make it on 144hz to beat the other one on 244hz
2021-02-01 00:51
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Indeed that's what it means ,you got it cap. "Barely", what a word, right? It also means that in a case where you get right eye peeked you most likely won't win that duel, it also means that when you get flashbanged you won't prolly win any duel either, it also means that if you're on eco round and they have full buy, you won't win that round either - leggo throw some more if cases!
2021-02-01 01:05
Btw actually your example made me think of an interesting content I'd like to see:D let's use your example of two good aimers and one would play on 144hz vs the other on a 240hz. I wonder who'd win on an aim map.
2021-02-01 01:08
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try to find two same aimers but it doesn't even matter, point is that for pro play, it is an edge to use so I'd invest in one
2021-02-01 01:15
Slovakia Mr_Jumbo
Wont matter in silver elite MM
2021-01-25 13:20
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Other M@GNU5
true if I only had better hardware I potentially can go grind to global or FACEIT
2021-01-25 13:24
Europe funk1rider
u dont know shit
2021-01-25 14:00
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:D ok
2021-01-25 14:10
High end 144hz 1440p if you want to play triple A titles or need ips/va panel for more color accuracy. 240hz if you only play competitive fps games.
2021-01-25 17:41
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Yeah, kinda agree. It really differs from user to user, their preferences and budget.
2021-01-25 17:58
No point of buying a 144hz cuz it never makes sense to intentionally buy outdated technology unless the price difference is huge, which is not the case here.
2021-01-25 18:00
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You know there is more to a monitor than refresh rate? I could argue 240hz tn is more outdated than 144hz 1440p ips panel.
2021-01-25 18:02
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yeah but generally if a person looks for a higher refresh rate monitor he'll look at it from more of a competitive perspective and in this case quality of colors etc always go down to lower priority. But if u look for a monitor to play not only faceits but also like to chillout with some rpgs then yeah sure, lower refresh for better image quality, resolution etc is the way to go. It all depends what you want and what you prioritize in games but generally going for outdated technologies still isnt worth it.
2021-01-25 18:10
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Yeah, I agree on going with 240hz if you mostly play competitive shooters. Just gave my opinion on 144hz being outdated which I don't think it is if it has other nice features.
2021-01-25 18:12
Theres a pretty new one from aoc i believe, or was it asus? I think aoc, for like sub 300€ actually Dunno if it has a good performance tho
2021-01-25 12:13
My friend is using this one and his rating is 9/10
2021-01-25 12:15
how tf is it 700$
2021-01-25 12:16
I have had a Benq xl2546 for a long time, i recently got an ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM, and i use that one as my main now. And i got that one at 299euro(black friday though) There is an ASUS TUF VG259QM Should be around the same price.(same size as the benq)
2021-01-25 12:18
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How did it compare to the BenQ xl2546?
2021-01-25 12:50
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Playing felt the same, but better colors. Also newer monitor so a few more options. Including a option to go to 280hz. Have not tried that. BenQ xl2546 does decent colors, but now it's next to the asus it looks worse. You won't notice it as much if it's your only screen. They are both great monitors tbh.
2021-01-25 13:19
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So playing Wise they were both the same? They felt like they had same response time, same smoothness etc? Does that dyac thing not add anything? cus the asus One is legit $200 cheaper than xl2546 so if that is the case im def buying it
2021-01-25 14:36
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Yes, feels the same and for me dyac does not add anything special. I never cared for it. Marketing with a different name. It's cheaper because time/tech moves on but benq stays the same i guess. I had that screen for so long now and payed around the same.
2021-01-27 10:56
+1 This Asus is just too good I left a Zowie shill speechless below EDIT: fixing links
2021-01-25 14:02
Denmark giefleve
Just buy the Alienware one. Actually heard that the 240 hz benq's have input lag issues on some units so i wouldn't risk it
2021-01-25 12:17
yeah man
2021-01-25 12:19
I have the gigabyte aorus KD25F, costs around €399,- and it's working perfect for me. 240hz 0,5ms response. Best monitor I had so far.
2021-01-25 12:29
Omen X 25f 24.5" - I've bought it around 400$ and it is pretty good.
2021-01-25 12:29
xl2546 i can recommend. 300-370 euro on blocket or second hand, and most are used less than a month and have the box+accessories left. most 240hz panels have IPS or the avs panels and theyre slower, have overshoot, mroe blurry image and not the zowie features like black eq and dyac. dyac is awesome and on the 240hz 2546 it doesnt darken the screen like on the 144 hz version i had before.
2021-01-25 12:32
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Talking as if a TN panel is an advantage So dumb
2021-01-25 12:38
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It is as long as u dont care about colour retard. You play cs in 4:3 and digital vibrande on 100 either way. Zowie Tn panels are faster and smoother compared to a shitty asus budget 240hz. Viewing angles dont matter if you have a stand as good as the one on the zowie.
2021-01-25 13:19
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2021-01-25 13:37
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u destroyed him)) always funny to see ppl who think that 2017 benq monitor better than new ones from asus/alienware
2021-01-25 14:18
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I like your name, friend. Damn, I had so much fun with Apex at launch.
2021-01-25 14:22
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ty bro, yeah it was fun)
2021-01-25 15:16
Poland morosek
But.... TN BETTER!!!
2021-01-25 14:21
still, doesnt even touch on overshoot which you have to experience for oyurself or have some big test. ill still take the zowie one with dyac. also ncie reddit tier circlejerk 3rd world gringos xDDDFDD
2021-01-25 17:16
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> no big test > almost 100k of equipment LUL "if its expensive its good" no wonder your country is accepting THAT people salaam habibi
2021-01-25 17:28
$700 expensive.....................
2021-01-25 12:37
Asus VG259QM
2021-01-25 12:38
2546 or 2540
2021-01-25 13:20
If you don't care about grinding to become the best, the AW2521HF is a good 240hz monitor with an ips panel. The response time is almost on par with monitors that use a tn panel.
2021-01-25 13:27
where do u live that the zowie monitor costs 700$? i live in Israrl and its like 500
2021-01-25 13:32
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Europe Velurom
Around the same in Finland, even though we have 24% VAT here.
2021-01-25 13:38
4 replies
why so high if u live in eu?
2021-01-25 13:39
3 replies
Europe Velurom
Finland, along with other Nordic countries, uses Nordic model which is based on high taxation.
2021-01-25 13:41
2 replies
I thought they taxed income higher, not sales too. FeelsBadMan
2021-01-25 14:01
1 reply
Europe Velurom
It's not that bad really, considering average Finnish citizen's income is around 3500€. Also in exchange for paying taxes you get free education (from nursery school to university), free health care and a comprehensive social security system etc.
2021-01-25 17:18
Xl2540/xl2546s are the most commonly used by cs pros
2021-01-25 13:44
I got myself an Acer nitro vg252q like 10 days ago. If you want it to run on 0.5 ms response time it's going to flicker a little, so I chose 0.7 ms (still decent lol) If I'm not mistaken this model is considered a budget one but so far I'm satisfied and there's nothing bad to point out.
2021-01-25 13:49
$450 in the US, make sure you are not getting and 27 inch version or something, but yeah definitely worth it though, I'd say maybe 600 euros max if you are going to get it though My 240hz monitor is discontinued so I can't talk about mine.
2021-01-25 13:52
240hz monitor is 700$? Can't you get 360Hz for that money? lmao
2021-01-25 13:55
3 replies
i bet it's around 1k$
2021-01-25 13:56
Asus and Acer predator 360hz monitor is $1.2k so nah Would def buy if they were $700
2021-01-25 14:33
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You can get 240Hz monitor for around 400$ I believe, pretty good one for 500$. I've found 360Hz Asus Rog Swift for 900$.
2021-01-27 21:34
700 is maybe the new K version but you can get a xl2546 non k for cheaper prob and you won't miss that much. Whatever you do if you mainly play cs zowie is simply the best.
2021-01-25 14:01
4 replies
its not #45
2021-01-25 14:02
2 replies
DyAc > all /close
2021-01-25 14:46
1 reply
pfff being shill to the point of spewing acronyms without knowing what it is
2021-01-25 14:48
XL2546k = 731USD XL2546 = 700USD But I Saw that some CS players like device had used the XL2546k when it got released but then went back to the older non K version so I'm def not buying the K version
2021-01-25 14:43
Korea HullU
Go for Asus VG259QM. The ELMB sync makes it so good. Once you start using 240hz(or 280hz), you will definitely tell a difference. For me, 144hz is now unplayable XD
2021-01-25 15:21
700$ ??? Buy here + free shipping.
2021-01-25 15:57
bro why u need 240hz monitor?? I'm playing 60hz monitor and is a nova 3 bro. u don't need 240hz in silver..
2021-01-25 17:31
3 replies
I would probably kill myself if I had to play csgo with a 60hz monitor. It just looks so trash.
2021-01-25 17:56
2 replies
im gonna try to hit MG2-MGE with my 60hz monitor then after that I will try to invest in 144hz. The thing is i only have 80-90fps in game so its pointless to have a >= 144hz monitor LOL
2021-01-25 18:14
1 reply
I've reached LEM with 60Hz. 144Hz is so smooth after you upgrade.
2021-01-27 21:36
1440p 144hz > 1080p 240hz
2021-01-25 17:35
I use this one (zowie xl2540k) however they are currently sold out. You could wait for them to restock or get any other 240hz zowie monitor and I'm sure you'd be happy with the buy. They make great monitors.
2021-01-25 18:01
I have a 240hz BENQ. It has worked well but not gonna lie you sstop noticing how smooth it is after a while/
2021-01-25 18:04
3 replies
u lucky men i have 60hz monitor with 80 fps in game :(
2021-01-25 18:14
2 replies
yeah dont upgrade monitor till you can get 300. I get 400-500 fps in game so its warranted to have a 240hz
2021-01-25 18:19
1 reply
with 400+ fps you can even upgrade to 360 in the future if you want. very solid machine men !
2021-01-25 18:39
ASUS one is better than the Zowie one. At least this is what I've heard from multiple people. Asus ROG Swift PG258Q I think.
2021-01-27 21:42
if u dont want the zowie 240hz cuz price ,there is the aorus kd25f i have it and there is a lot of options, black equalizer, settings to set speed or picture quality, motion blur reduction, everything you need for csgo. its pretty good for like less than 400€ monitor
2021-01-29 16:36
ASUS ROG. They're the best. Do not listen to the haters.
2021-01-29 16:38
144 more than enough, more is marketing
2021-02-01 00:45
perk  | 
Finland eIe
How much is XL2540 for you
2021-02-01 00:54
Germany sterzik
zowie xl2546
2021-02-01 00:56
decent 280hz monitor i use Asus 25" gamingskärm TUF VG259QM
2021-02-01 01:03
zowie xl2546 or asus rog non ips monitor if you can find one
2021-02-01 01:05
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