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Donald Trump=modern day Jesus Christ
Japan s0mple_is_my_flair 
He came to save and yet he is treated like criminal. Sad. When do you think Trump disciples will release his Trump Bible?
2021-01-26 00:03
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don't care
2021-01-26 00:04
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But do you car?
2021-01-26 00:09
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yes i have a supra
2021-01-26 00:11
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2021-01-26 09:35
trump is the man who created The Sun and he gave us christmas forever
2021-01-26 00:05
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North America pkheat
trump created music, truly the goat
2021-01-26 00:05
Donald Trump = modern traitor of the US and clown, Putin's puppet and worst president of the US ever, COVID denier, rightwing-racist, lover of conspiracy theories (deep state, election fraud etc.), he is sore loser who has no balls to admit his defeat properly like a man, he is just a stupid populist who has no clue how World works, he thinks that his egoistic "business style" of life can fit whole America (and he failed hard)
2021-01-26 00:08
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United States Stewie2GOAT
Neoliberal moment
2021-01-26 00:10
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just faxxx man
2021-01-26 00:12
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Typical leftist
2021-01-26 09:31
2021-01-26 00:14
>pretends to have covid for his retard fanbase >covid denier pick one Although this is probably a bait post if you unironically think there isn't a "deep state" shadowgovernment.
2021-01-26 00:17
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I think that Trump was screaming that COVID is a myth until thousands of people died. And then he started blaming China in everything (especially in his own stupidness and his own denial of the COVID problem).
2021-01-26 00:18
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You have to remember, in politics both sides try to push an agenda, but only one side typically has the support of mainstream media. Trump closed the Chinese border so early that he was once again labeled a racist, meanwhile Nancy Pelosi was trying to virtue signal by encouraging people to go eat at restaurants in Chinatown. God I fucking hate this clown world.
2021-01-26 00:21
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2021-01-26 09:25
He has 100% forgot this, hes probably deep Enough to think that Trump is the Ultimate evil and the left needs to save the world from his terror, atleast from knowing your average leftist its what they believe
2021-01-26 09:32
how can you call Donald Trump the worst president of US history, when the one before him was worse than him?
2021-01-26 00:23
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2021-01-26 00:25
United States vip3r_k1ng
0/8 bait
2021-01-26 09:27
If you do not like carrots, then there is something wrong with you!!!!!!
2021-01-26 00:08
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United States ClickHole
I like carrots, and you like carrots.
2021-01-26 00:09
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Who doesn’t like carrots
2021-01-26 00:22
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United States ClickHole
Idiots and unhealthy people probably
2021-01-26 00:31
2021-01-26 01:24
hes a fucking retarded human being please ban the creator of this thread so stupid so slow so old never gets anything done biggest loser ever
2021-01-26 09:24
yeah... save. money. for himself and his friends.
2021-01-26 09:25
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