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Is Furia lucky?
ZywOo | 
Serbia strninja 
To not have brainwashed plastic fans like MIBR ? the only good thing that exist in any sport related to brazil is Furia i feel
2021-01-26 02:19
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they're bad
2021-01-26 02:20
15 replies
They can be bad,but they dont have plastic wanna be tough guys as followers
2021-01-26 02:21
14 replies
2021-01-26 02:21
13 replies
True, just stop it.
2021-01-26 02:24
12 replies
2021-01-26 02:24
11 replies
I'm sorry?
2021-01-26 02:24
10 replies
2021-01-26 02:25
9 replies
Are you a tiny bit confused?
2021-01-26 02:25
8 replies
2021-01-26 02:25
7 replies
You are so confusing, I didn't know I was dealing with a retard.
2021-01-26 02:26
6 replies
2021-01-26 02:26
you are getting trolled big time
2021-01-26 02:45
4 replies
Bad attempt at trolling since I know he's trolling.
2021-01-26 02:51
3 replies
after you realised you're getting trolled because otherwise your reaction is absolutely disgusting you are transparent ^^
2021-01-26 02:53
1 reply
I knew he was trolling before he said a word. Don't start retarding like that other guy.
2021-01-26 03:25
lose/lose, you took it mate
2021-01-26 03:39
Fallen and co were childish shits so they attracted fans who think the same
2021-01-26 02:21
14 replies
this pretty much
2021-01-26 02:24
i just wanna know how is them bringing some stuff like wining world cup make them live a better life? 80% of current hltv users wasn't even born when brazil won last cup,what's the point of that does fallen and co share their paycheck with hardcore fans,that would make sence to defend them no matter what.
2021-01-26 02:27
12 replies
FURIA are nutellas, support BLM shit and paint their hairs like weebs and soyboys
2021-01-26 02:30
9 replies
Yes fer better use steroids and drive car into bush
2021-01-26 02:31
3 replies
Steroids are great for you
2021-01-26 02:32
2 replies
Depression, addiction, mania, impotence, balding, acne and mood swings very great
2021-01-26 02:33
1 reply
I said steroids not being a soyboy
2021-01-26 02:36
2021-01-26 03:37
4 replies
yeah they are
2021-01-26 04:12
3 replies
bro u actually used the word "nutella", it seems like a boomer bolsonaro supporter
2021-01-26 04:18
2 replies
Surely you jest, trying to make me believe you are a brainless Felipe Neto follower, using slang like "boomer" and other kid stuff
2021-01-26 04:26
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2021-01-26 04:29
They are braindead. Got their logic feom fer and taco who got carried by 2 gods of cs thinking they deserved the trophies fallen and cold won them. Dumb people just gather thinking their logic is valid when other idiots use it as well
2021-01-26 02:30
1 reply
2021-01-26 03:34
MIBR has no more fans bro
2021-01-26 02:24
1 reply
that is why i said plastic fans,who follow i dont even know what.
2021-01-26 02:27
How is you defending fallen and co all day long on HLTV helping you in ur life? How is fallen getting richer by the day helping you to survive in poverty ur whole life?
2021-01-26 02:24
3 replies
JW | 
Brazil moorf
blind fans are dumb but people who care about them are even dumber
2021-01-26 02:26
kinda contradictory, no? (no im not fan of them)
2021-01-26 02:28
Are you dumb???? every user in HLTV defend some player, Zywoo or S1mple are getting richer while their fans fight in the forums, it`s normal
2021-01-26 02:43
Serbia is good on volley but Brazil is better
2021-01-26 02:26
I think you want some brazillian guy to sleep today.
2021-01-26 02:26
Brazil lirded_kj
they do, every organisation does, but since mibr is bigger, they have more of those people
2021-01-26 02:26
we support lineups, not orgs. ex: i was a fan of last mibr lineup(cogu) but i hate mibr org
2021-01-26 02:28
yes they are /close
2021-01-26 02:29
Brazil Aquaarius
2021-01-26 02:34
I'm kinda jealous of Furia's fanbase tbh ever since falleN joined liquid the liquid fanbase got super toxic
2021-01-26 03:50
Brazil AWFenrir
Furia is the best time to cheer in Brazil. There are not many idiotic BRs in our fanbase. Some Brazilians hate us, but that's all they know how to do, so I don't care.
2021-01-26 04:14
mibr fans vs Furia enjoyers
2021-01-26 04:59
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