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richard lewis
Jackinho | 
Brazil rafinhabolado 
this guy actual thinks that gaules did a huge malefic plan to make his viewers attack leaf ,all gaules did was watching the clips and say his opinion about it , but the braindead richard lewis (that cant understand portuguease) said gaules made a mob to harass leaf , yikes
2021-01-26 02:32
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Gaules wasn't very wise in what he did, if you're streaming "sus clips" and just saying you think it's weird or something shady is going on, then what do you think your viewers are going to do? Especially since a lot of his viewers are young and impressionable. Gaules has admited he wasn't very wise in doing that. RL is a clown for bringing attention to this months later, and so are you for making this thread and giving RL the attention he wants.
2021-01-26 02:37
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2021-01-26 02:46
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Ukraine lo0u
2021-01-26 04:13
Brazil LipEzZ
He just wants more public, once a time i said to him "ok, some people threatened leaf and xeppa, but you don't need to generalize brazil" i just got instant block
2021-01-26 02:47
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Maybe you got blocked because he doesn't generalize brazilians. Both Thoorin and Richard Lewis have said in the past, that the toxic parts of the brazilian fans are a loud minority.
2021-01-26 03:50
Funny how no1 talks about the americans and europeans who also said the clips were suspicious. Havent seen them helping leaf to go after the people who actually made the threats legally. You cant deny that all RL wants is some attention, journalists are scum
2021-01-26 03:05
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Dont think the us and eu people are sending death threats. Thats only brazil. Yeah you can say the clips are sus but you cant tell a 16 year old if you come to major we will kill you
2021-01-26 09:06
richard lewis is desperate af because nobody gives two shits about him anymore. simple as that
2021-01-26 02:38
imagine still listening to Richard lewis KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
2021-01-26 02:38
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Well, these days he made people aware that Vitality was stream sniping so I think he still is pretty relevant
2021-01-26 03:14
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the "good" that he does is nothing compared to the damage that this guy do to this community. he was shunned from every gaming community that he's been part of for a reason. Also his reporting nowadays is basically a esports version of TMZ just stirring up drama for clicks.
2021-01-26 08:28
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Imagine being so delusional you think he is damaging community by reporting wrongdoings of said community. What you are saying is that lets sweep under the rug all the shady illegal shit that players, teams, organisers and organisations are doing.
2021-01-26 09:06
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2021-01-26 09:05
no i am not saying that we should sweep anything under the rug, what I said was that RL does more harm that good for every community hes been part of and thats why he was kicked from every single one of them.
2021-01-26 11:18
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Care to explain how he does more harm?
2021-01-26 13:08
Netherlands toothpaste
The guy is hilarious and makes fun of mentally ill internet users
2021-01-26 08:33
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XD you disagree with me it means that you're mentally ill XD
2021-01-26 11:20
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Netherlands toothpaste
2021-01-26 15:25
Gaules knows the brazilian community as well as FalleN does. Both of them knew exactly how the repercussions would pan out. Lewis is a moron, but we all saw those attacks coming the moment people started discussing on the clips.
2021-01-26 02:53
It happened 7/8 months ago. Someone bringing old stuff to the table is desperate for attention. RL needs tweets/followers so he can show himself relevant in scene.
2021-01-26 02:55
No snowflake will ever feel guilty in an avalanche. - polish poet. First of all if your „culture“ is not ironing out behavior like „Prinzess Diving Neymars“ you have a problem in general. Is he a hero for you guys, or are you calling him out on that bullshit? Years ago I watched a premier league game where the own teammates slapped a „diver“. Thats called ironing out the shitty behavior. Gaules plays in turn the backstabber with a knife and a crybaby and you hold this hand all the way. Thats why ppl gerneralize brasilian sport „fans“
2021-01-26 03:18
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100% True. The Brazilian horde is not only terrible to the people who have to endure the hate but it also slanders the reputation of Brazil
2021-01-26 13:24
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I guess we only get a bit. Must be hell sometimes for brasilian players after a bad game.
2021-01-26 13:55
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As soon as sports betting is allowed in Brazil the mad bettors will be out of control
2021-01-26 13:57
He's huge for br csgo, for sure a reason for those many BR teams, even big teams try to colab with him, like astralis, col and navi.Hoping for some better international view on him, should be good for cs in general, everybody needs views and he can deliver that with his streams. After leaf incident he had to do a call with valve because of Tribo to Major, valve wanted to judge his ideas and personality.
2021-01-26 03:20
Gaules influenced his viewers on his platform, Richard Lewis influences people on his platform.
2021-01-26 04:29
Both are attention seekers, for viewers.
2021-01-26 09:02
Estonia FrispeN
If you read the full opinion article you would understand its not all about leaf but the role model what he gives to a big community.
2021-01-26 09:04
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great example that rl gives
2021-01-26 13:23
Didn't he (Gaules) think that he's very influential and everything he says other brazilians will say too?
2021-01-26 09:12
Jesus Christ, no wonder people online think all brazilians are butthurt, narrow-minded people. You should log off your computer and come out of your information bubble. Your ignorance and lack of empathy is staggering.
2021-01-26 13:12
He didn't say gaules intentionally wanted his mob to hunt down leaf, but he has alot of influence and him making those stupid accusations along with his fans being delightful as always means he contributed to it no matter what his intentions were.
2021-01-26 13:20
aftter that Chaos match against MiBR he stend up 1 hour straight talking with his friends on discord about how leaf was a cheater... with 100k people watching him Richard Lewis is a retarded, but gaules did it, even if it wasn't the intention stop being a fanboy and accept facts
2021-01-26 13:23
The Brazilian fans who did that are a disgrace and an embarrassment to Brazil. Guales knew what he was doing by going through those clips. What did he expect? everyone to to think he was cheating but not send him hate. what a clown. RL was 100% right on this one
2021-01-26 13:21
Netherlands n3wH0p3
gaules has the whole Brazil scene behind him, and you are lying if you deny that y'all are some passionate people. All the stuff that happend with Hiko in the past, and last year with Chaos. It's just fucking dumb to speak out about it on his stream, he 100% knows what will happen when he does that. Y'all need to get your shit together and use the organ called the fucking brain
2021-01-26 13:21
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