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pimp only think about money
Australia psychadelic123 
Whats up ppl, Srly every time i see this guy stream.. He only talk about how bad it is ppl dont sub or donate him faster... HE only think about money, money money. ripp off kids. sad man.. He is a bad streamer on top off that. What do you think?
2021-01-26 16:16
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i hate streamers that only talk about it. I know that its their job, but its annoying asking for subs all time like a beggar
2021-01-26 16:18
why did you watch his stream in the first place? Seems like a waste of time
2021-01-26 16:18
Pimp doesn't deserve the hate. You have no obligation to give him money so don't. this thread has no purpose
2021-01-26 16:18
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mertz | 
Denmark V1tus
2021-01-26 16:19
2021-01-26 16:27
2021-01-26 16:28
well isn't that what pimps are supposed to do?
2021-01-26 16:19
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+1 lol
2021-01-26 16:20
He has simps. Like his name suggests.
2021-01-26 16:20
i dont agree with you.. He has a job.. Every time i feel like he is toxic and only talk about how slowly ppl sub or donate him.. I think u stream because u love the game and if your a nice person.. Ppl will sub or donate u automatically.
2021-01-26 16:21
he is a really bad streamer i agree, he also has a shit personality because gets mad when he dies and flexes when he hits shots
2021-01-26 16:21
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Yep and call all players noobs. why??? toxic as XXXX
2021-01-26 16:22
That is typical of pimps
2021-01-26 16:23
2021-01-26 16:25
2021-01-26 16:26
He's still a very good cs player with good insight and very candid opinions about players and the game---which i really do enjoy his take. But I do find myself searching for another cs steam because his on stream personality is a little over the top for me---especially with the sub/hype train and non-stop giveaways. I don't fault any streamer for ways to bring in views/$$---but pimp's does seem to be the main focus. Besides the actual game itself, i would like more down time to be dedicated to the scene/game than channel hype.
2021-01-26 16:28
Wisla Krakow
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