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United Kingdom UnfriendlyV 
wtf was that? top 3 hltv 2021??? 1. karrigan 2.s1mple 3.zywoo
2021-01-26 19:13
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Karma | 
Netherlands HSQ
Top 1 is shox
2021-01-26 19:14
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Cambodia Alesha_dj
hahahhahhabhahahhah nah man its NAF after that amazing door HE and smoke lmao
2021-01-26 19:53
Karrigan tried his best Xizt impression
2021-01-26 19:15
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Czech Republic poledne
he should get banched like now ... what he is doing is just pure selfish!!! he have palyr liek ropz or acor in his team and he go for kills get better playrs do it ... omg
2021-01-26 19:43
HE is probably super motivated rn because he will jump the ship to Faze very soon.
2021-01-26 19:15
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very good point.
2021-01-26 19:16
Czech Republic poledne
.... well he is playing to get eazy kills he just say sup flash me in i get kills if i don´t idc.... unreal! he is playing ropz rols and just .. wow
2021-01-26 19:44
Germany mainak90
Wtf is wrong with ropz? And bymas back to being piss ass poor
2021-01-26 19:20
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Bymas | 
Canada _fade
just 1 map calm down
2021-01-26 19:21
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its not just one map.. at the moment WE all can said bymas is more better than ropz.. WTF right? hope karrigan soon get better team - yes WE all know its gonna be FAZE (one of the best team in world after karrigan and twist join)
2021-01-26 19:23
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+1 (only about faze thing tho, didnt watch the match so dunno about ropz and bymas)
2021-01-26 19:30
Germany mainak90
Chill down, faze is even more dead team, you need jesus igling to resurrect deadass rain, kjaerbye, cold. Even twistzz doesn't look a really great option given that there are more hungry and motivated youngsters. Instead of buying out youngsters like flamez and degster faze management still wants to shag off to 3 year old highlight reel players and give away fat paychecks. Karrigan can coach players who are hungry, redirect them to do well, not csgo veterans who knows pretty much every aspect of the game who are not relevant because they lost their drive to get better.
2021-01-26 19:32
same situation with Niko. He was without pressure on last tournament with FaZe and played perfectly
2021-01-26 19:27
Czech Republic poledne
wtf are you ok??? I feel like karigen is really selfish right now, get it he is leaving the team, but the way he plays and call now is just terible! He is just calling everythink for him to make plays, he want him to get best points. I get why he is leaving so he want to get best rating and so on, but he should show that is he best igl because all knows he can´t play like this in normal games. What you guys think? btw i am a mouse fann that is why i am pointing this probelm even tho they are wining, because i know it will bring problems in future matchs in this event ...
2021-01-26 19:42
rain | 
Norway Spizei
2021-01-26 19:44
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Czech Republic poledne
he is bad ... he is just pushing everythink with team they flash for him nad he makes 1/2 kills then die or take eco frags and so on ... he is just boosting his ratings nad puting his team down .. they already lost a lot of rounds thank to karigen rushing nad pushing for 0 reason trying to get kills
2021-01-26 19:46
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United States PP_Bizon
karrigan's job is to push stuff and get entries, 1st/2nd man in
2021-01-26 19:52
Canada dennek
double ak players hating on one of the history’s best igls like he gon give a shit about their opinion
2021-01-26 19:53
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