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Valorant vs CSGO
United States dith 
I switched to valulrant , it was good for 3 months , but then you realize the spray patterns and hitboxes aren't nearly as fun in the long run compared to CSGO. I then came back to csgo and I appreciate CSGO all over again. Thank you for making me fall in love with CSGO all over again valulrant.
2021-01-26 23:11
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You mean VaOMEGALULrant?
2021-01-26 23:11
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That makes 0 sense dude. If anything CSG OMEGALUL makes more sense as a meme with the spelling. But yes vaLULrant child game.... look to cartoon grapfix to make kid player happy like children show.. vaLULrant cartoon world with rainbow unlike counter strike chad with dark corridorr and raelistic gun.. vaLULrant like playhouse. valarant playor run from csgo fear of dark world and realism.
2021-01-26 23:13
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2021-01-26 23:42
+1 Valarante kids game for those who fear realism
2021-01-26 23:43
Nice copy pasta
2021-01-28 06:54
No CS:GO pro who is playing at high level switched. That is all you need to know.
2021-01-26 23:12
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Bosnia and Herzegovina xdkeroo
2021-01-26 23:14
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He just got kicked from a T1 org during an online era where everyone in NA was jumping ship to Valorant... where was nitr0 supposed to go?
2021-01-26 23:37
United States Phamous3k
2021-01-27 01:09
literally got kicked from the team
2021-01-28 06:32
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Not really, he benched himself to go play valorant, and if you listen to the latest HLTV confirmed episode Twistzz says basically the same thing, that nitr0 felt CS was boring and he wanted to play valorant.
2021-01-28 07:42
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free money for less effort, i understand
2021-01-28 07:49
VALORANT is levels above dead game called csgo
2021-01-26 23:12
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United States GGtho
2021-01-26 23:14
2021-01-27 01:23
Nt malta 0 iq as usual
2021-01-28 06:29
2021-01-28 07:36
valorant spray is wack. no recoil for the first 10 bullets and then it just flicks right and left for the remaining bullets.
2021-01-26 23:13
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It's not a fun game for the long haul. It just doesn't hit you in the love juices like cs does.
2021-01-26 23:16
Bosnia and Herzegovina xdkeroo
no movement in valulrant
2021-01-26 23:14
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
In my opinion, 1.6 is better than the pair of them.
2021-01-26 23:16
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I agree, and 1.6 didn't need skins to be such a long running legendary game. I could play that shit all day and night just for the love of the gameplay alone. When csgo came out I thought it was another bust like Source and was completely against it but there weren't enough players anymore with everyone switching and you do start to love CSGO still which is still 'Counter-Strike' at the end of the day.
2021-01-26 23:19
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United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Exactly. :) Great post, friend.
2021-01-26 23:22
Yep I agree with you entirely mate. Mind you, they fixed the hell out of GO considering how it played when it was first released.
2021-01-26 23:40
Skins saved CSGO ultimately.
2021-01-26 23:43
csgo is miles better than 1.6 at absolutely everything maybe except for the silent run. the only reason dumb people may say otherwise is cuz it's much more mainstream and competitive so shit players blame the game. almost no one played mixes in 1.6, everyone played on public servers and had fun. now it's the other way around. obviously cs 1.6 survived without skins because there was no such thing as skins before. what even is that rubbish? csgo destroyed 1.6 because it's a better game. it was better even before the hitbox fix in 15/16, now it's not even comparable.
2021-01-26 23:58
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Its like you have no concept for the word nostalgia or sentimental value that came with it. Yes a change was needed at some point and bound to happen and csgo is a better game that was inevitable but you disregard so many other aspects.
2021-01-27 00:00
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the 0/8 baiter said "In my opinion, 1.6 is better than the pair of them" and you replied "I agree". there is not 1 single aspect other than the existence of silent run that is better in 1.6. nostalgia doesn't make a game better. you can say that you enjoyed the worse game more but you can't say that it was better.
2021-01-27 00:05
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United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Expressing your opinion as factual? You haven't changed one bit, friend... Still as ironic as ever with post #33, eh?
2021-01-27 01:11
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India sid76820
I have heard valorant is attracting a lot of 1.6 players
2021-01-28 06:58
United States BGS
No game needed skins at that time. There was a reason CGS wouldn't pick up 1.6 over the less popular CS:Source though. 1.6 is all nostalgia at this point. I continue to dabble in it every now and then but man it was so much "better" when I was a kid and mechanics weren't as defined as they are now.
2021-01-27 01:59
China SwooksarV2
Whenever I'm inting in one game, I'll switch to the other
2021-01-26 23:20
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I agree but the thing is when you switch back to valorant you can really only play like a couple games max before it becomes a drag and boring because of the reasons stated. Cs is a long term game that feels bad to uninstall. I have no problem uninstalling valorant and feeling good about it knowing I won't wana play it again for a long ass time.
2021-01-26 23:21
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China SwooksarV2
For me, I get tilted more when I'm Valorant. I think it's because I get "cheesed" killed more often or something like that. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both games too many times. It has to be in the triple digits at this point.
2021-01-26 23:28
I agree with your opinion
2021-01-27 01:14
valorant for me looks like a toy version of cs
2021-01-26 23:40
You can play both.
2021-01-26 23:41
Valorant is different game than csgo. People think its shit beacause they play it like csgo and they treat it like this. Valorant is new subgenre FPS game it has little bit of overwatch, little bit of csgo and something new. Idk about other people but i enjoy watching "big" games in this game even its only the beggining. Anyway if u ask me CSGO > Valorat,LoL,Dota,OW,
2021-01-26 23:44
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India firejet69
I spent a couple of hours in valorant. After a quick match i just uninstalled it. In my opinion it is garbage compared to cs go and yes I understand its a different game. But frankly I do not like battle royale games at all and many elements of that are present in valorant. I am a simple man and maybe I am getting older as well. overwatch, apex legends, fortnite, PUBG I am highly allergic to these type of games.
2021-01-28 06:50
the only people who think valorant is good are the scrublords who never belonged in CSGO
2021-01-26 23:48
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2021-01-27 00:07
valulrant is fun for basement weebs
2021-01-27 00:07
Switzerland Sylleo
valorant is a flop, no matter how you look at it
2021-01-27 00:08
cs go is a far better game, requires more skill and tactic, the only advantage that valulrant has over cs is the anti cheat and ability to buy the skins you want from the shop
2021-01-27 00:10
It would be fun without the abilities.
2021-01-27 00:11
2021-01-27 01:10
if they stopped adding too many characters and let the meta simmer for a minute it would be much better
2021-01-27 01:11
valulrant is like the hello kitty version of CS
2021-01-27 01:16
Europe SBC|SG_TS
2021-01-28 06:30
Welcome back, valorant can be fun sometimes but CS is so better.
2021-01-28 06:31
imagine a game full with arabs, turks and russians cheating like autists, thats pretty similar to Cancerant
2021-01-28 06:33
I love both games, but let's admit it, those cs:go players who talk shit about valorant are just too bad to be able to shoot and use abilities at the same time.
2021-01-28 06:43
ropz | 
Netherlands ONGix
Valorant at the higher levels requires a-bit extra than CSGO in terms of effort and skill, that's why a-lot of players find it not as intuitive. For me it's Valorant for competitive high-skilled FPS, and CSGO to relax and chill with friends on faceit 8+
2021-01-28 07:02
idk I play both
2021-01-28 07:50
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