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birthday question
Albania ineedhelp332 
When it is your birthday, do you tweet about it on social media just so people will congratulate you?
2021-01-27 13:19
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Tweet on twitter, post on FB etc... **
2021-01-27 13:20
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Why would someone do that lmao
2021-01-27 13:21
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I see it quite often and I'm just wondering why. I've done it aswell but only indirectly as posting a "sad birthday pepe" or some shit but never ever to any IRL friends.
2021-01-27 13:24
Korea XigNGODtop1
No wtf
2021-01-27 13:20
I'm very lonely
2021-01-27 13:21
no wtf
2021-01-27 13:21
I don’t use social media except hltv
2021-01-27 13:21
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Based ?
2021-01-27 13:22
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Don’t get any enjoyment out of it And probably good for mental health too but HLTV forums compensate for that))
2021-01-27 13:25
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+999… you're going on my based user list. Based - slang word : having an opinion that is different from the mainstream and is often a controversial one.
2021-01-27 13:30
I do on insta but in the evening just to see who remembers my birthday
2021-01-27 13:21
no, i don't remind anyone i have birthday cuz it's stupid, fake congratulations mens
2021-01-27 13:21
23rd Dec. Nope. I have set it to "Only Me" on Facebook. Haha. Only 7-8 close people know about it from my friends, so they just congratulate me on the WhatsApp group we have. Apart from that just the family members.
2021-01-27 13:22
2021-01-27 13:22
Brazil TheWWalker
I dont, just to see who will remember to congratulate me hahaha
2021-01-27 13:23
Only attention whores do that
2021-01-27 13:23
No I don't even have Twitter I don't have Instagram, and I don't have Snapchat. I don't have tiktok either. I only have Facebook bcuz of school group chats and I never post on my FB page. I only recently registered to HLTV.
2021-01-27 13:27
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