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C9 will win vs NiP
Nepal device_best_rifler_since_cphw 
If they manage to ban Vertigo or Inferno (both 50:50 maps) with the maps played being Mirage, Overpass, Nuke. 2:0 or 2:1 for C9 with them at least getting 9-11 rounds per map. Example: NiP bans Dust2 C9 bans Train NiP picks Overpass C9 picks Nuke NiP bans Vertigo C9 bans Inferno Mirage decider
2021-01-27 14:08
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No they wont. /closed
2021-01-27 14:09
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Case was closed before you even came in
2021-01-27 14:10
well, since you've now leaked C9's genius veto plan you have destroyed their only hope
2021-01-27 14:10
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:( damn
2021-01-27 14:10
Other M@GNU5
most likely since NIP is in terrible form atm
2021-01-27 14:11
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2021-02-13 02:06
Not even HenryG would believe that, what a failure he is
2021-01-27 14:11
C9 2-0 regardless of map
2021-01-27 14:11
If Overpass is picked, it will be very interesting, we dont quite know C9's overpass that well, and overpass is currently one of NIP's strongest map, but let's just hope C9 will do something or they will just be known as the most expensive tier 2 team.
2021-01-27 14:20
no they wont
2021-02-13 02:08
80% c9 win NiP have ztr who is average at best
2021-02-13 02:09
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