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floppy | 
Albania lilalb 
if they lose againts dignitas they need major changes. they have a stand in sure but even with poision at this point they wont be close to the top 20. If they dont change anything blamef has to change his position so jkscan actually play better. hes gonna have to take a hit for jks to perform better
2021-01-27 14:26
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beg obo to come back, they have no mid round players
2021-01-27 14:30
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United States ShawnM
^^ the complexity lineup w/ obo poizon konfig rush blame was a top 5 team before he left
2021-01-27 14:59
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the one problem is the in team conflicts
2021-01-27 15:17
jks isnt the right fit
2021-01-27 15:17
they been unlucky having a consistent line up. they had iot good then there team fell apart. you put all that hard work in and now the got to start all over again.
2021-01-27 14:33
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obo leaving fucked everything and poizons injury doesnt help
2021-01-27 14:36
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exactly they were on the upward curve. got there team into the big events. team falls apart. now they got to play the big events with a weakened team.
2021-01-27 14:38
This CoL looks like earlier CoL if a deagle nerf happened.
2021-01-27 14:34
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2021-01-27 14:36
Poland Tydan
remember they won blast in 2k20, they were like top3 in some time
2021-01-27 14:36
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i know but you can see how bad theyve fallen out
2021-01-27 14:36
United States urm@m
abit of luck too. They kept coming back from like 14-9 on T side nuke against teams.
2021-01-27 14:58
Brazil mininuh$
omg, complexity looks like a faceit lvl 5 team rushing A on overpass
2021-01-27 14:37
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rUsh a listen to me or we lose
2021-01-27 14:38
oBo destroyed them
2021-01-27 14:37
mhl for jugi or buy t1.5 awper
2021-01-27 14:39
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poizon will come back soon
2021-01-27 14:40
old men popin rn as fan of coL im glad to see friberg and f0rest doing good (and yes actually jks isnt right fit)
2021-01-27 14:39
Bulgaria mufy
IGL should be an IGL not playmaker. their strats are lazy and predictable.
2021-01-27 14:39
They don't need any changes unless poizon plays like garbage after he has recovered from his surgery. They nees some role adjustment though. Blamef should probably lurk less and give jks some of his positions. Also they need to try to make k0nfig as comfortable as possible and try to activate him more. He is the most skilled player in that lineup mechanically. He is probably top 3-5 mechanically speaking.
2021-01-27 14:41
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i suggested either a change of roles or kicking jks
2021-01-27 14:55
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I thought about what kind of role changes would be beneficial but i dont think they should kick anyone yet.
2021-01-27 15:00
what surgery was it? WH to brain?
2021-01-27 15:19
2 replies
aimbot to the wrist i think
2021-01-27 15:20
2021-01-27 15:54
That's what i'm always saying in col. they should play around k0nfig and JKS not col playing around BlameF. k0nfig and JKS are their star players.
2021-01-27 18:02
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Yeah k0nfig has potential to be on par with players like NiKo. Imagine how karrigan could help him polish his game.
2021-01-27 19:36
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i dont think he can be on be on ppar with niko but top 10 material probably
2021-01-27 19:38
1 reply
Aimwise he is on par but he doesnt know how to play his own positions like NiKo. NiKo has mastered his style. But i dont think he will get there.
2021-01-27 20:11
Its just sad
2021-01-27 15:00
1 reply
very very sad
2021-01-27 15:15
Dignitas are just better this match ;d
2021-01-27 15:21
2 replies
because col are total shit
2021-01-27 15:21
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+1 They lost more in a row than I can count
2021-01-27 15:27
They are so dog shit, literally
2021-01-27 15:55
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1 round from getting 2-0d by dig
2021-01-27 15:55
coL just need their full roster. When they signed JKS they barely even had time to play together and then Poizon needed time off. Unfortunately they are going to have a tough few events until Poizon is ready
2021-01-27 19:44
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i dont think poizon will make them a t1 team anymore
2021-01-27 19:44
18 replies
based on what they havent even had the chance to grind together yet.
2021-01-27 19:46
17 replies
jks has been there since october
2021-01-27 19:48
16 replies
yeah and most of that time they were in events. Hes trying to fit into a new time in the middle of events and then they lose Poizon in December. They havent had no time to practice properly together as a 5
2021-01-27 19:51
15 replies
how did cloud9 fit their roster in the same amount of time but jks cant fit in his team, jks can only fit if he gets his roles if he doesnt hes never gonna shine in col
2021-01-27 19:53
14 replies
C9 are trash what are you even talking about
2021-01-27 19:53
13 replies
expect the nine to five 5 tournament theyve been better complexity
2021-01-27 19:54
12 replies
what are you talking about? C9 couldnt even win that trash tournament
2021-01-27 19:55
11 replies
yet complexity got 2-1d by them
2021-01-27 19:56
10 replies
so C9 new roster beat coL new roster what is your point here? C9 went on to change that roster. This doesnt change the fact they havent had enough time to practice as a 5 properly
2021-01-27 20:00
9 replies
cloud9 played 4 maps with 5 new players while col played iem bejing with jks
2021-01-27 20:04
8 replies
so? I dont understand what your point is. C9 new roster winning against coL new roster doesnt change the fact they havent had enough time together. What dont you understand
2021-01-27 20:08
7 replies
how the fuck did cloud9 build a better roster in 3 months than col in a year
2021-01-27 20:10
6 replies
what do you mean in a year? what are you even talking about. coL have made 2 roster changes that were out of their hands in the space of 3 month and you still expect them to beat everyone. At least use some common sense. And how can C9 build a better roster when they changed it
2021-01-27 20:17
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is it even worth arguing against you my guy. how does xeppa instantly perform great with cloud9 but jks needs multiple tournaments to perform.jks has had enough time and he isnt performing. if you read my thread you would understand than jks wont perform unless position changes, its not just time to fit in hes alread had enough
2021-01-27 20:24
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You are bringing up C9 like they are destroying teams, they can barely beat Tier 2 teams. coL are playing with a stand in and you just think its as easy as moving JKS to another role just to boost his stats LOL
2021-01-27 20:34
3 replies
did you even read my thread my guy
2021-01-27 20:35
2 replies
what do you mean did I read it. You are saying they need to make a change because JKS stats are bad. Why would you make major changes when you are playing with a stand in
2021-01-27 20:44
1 reply
i said either they kick jks or switch his roles
2021-01-27 20:45
jks just sucks rn and they won't be at their peak till Poizon comes back healthy. Be patient
2021-01-27 19:44
2 replies
jks needs his roles to perform and poizon cant fix this mess
2021-01-27 19:45
Russia pochesun
pozion is a bad awper.
2021-01-27 19:55
the rest of the team need to accept the fact that they are nothing without obo and should let him comeback
2021-01-27 19:45
2 replies
obo would bring their performance back but so would jks if he got his roles
2021-01-27 19:46
1 reply
well BlameF is way better baiter than JKS. So they can bench JKS if they get OBO back.
2021-01-27 22:12
Belarus slydeRRR
Naah, think about it
2021-01-27 20:15
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