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Jks is the aussie Coldzera
Brazil Endaldo_Pereira 
They have the skills, but they need a system to perform. Just further proof that making "international star teams" is a stupid idea in most cases that also ruins local national teams.
2021-01-27 16:25
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Local national is a pleonasm but whatever
2021-01-27 16:26
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or just a plain oxymoron
2021-01-27 16:57
Karma | 
Netherlands HSQ
no, he is aussie olofmeister, coldzera didn't fall that low yet
2021-01-27 16:26
except coldzera can still perform at least decently
2021-01-27 16:26
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Europe Vallon4
Lol not really.
2021-01-27 16:30
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I mean, better than jks in col
2021-01-27 16:32
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United Kingdom Triturn
Karrigan would bring Cold back to the highlight reels
2021-01-27 16:52
+1 Jks to EXTREMUM AZR retires and BnTeT IGLs kap
2021-01-27 16:27
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so fuck both col and extremum?
2021-01-27 16:27
Wtf don't ruin Extremum
2021-01-27 16:28
Europe Vallon4
So you admit fraudzera can only function with a team oriented around making him shine, plus a TACO? Then that means he really isn't anywhere near as good as people thought. Which is evident anyway - as soon he stopped playing in that system revolving around him he's nowhere to be seen in the top. Most overrated player of all time.
2021-01-27 16:32
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probably overrated yes, does not mean that given the proper set up he cant help you win titles and thats what matters
2021-01-27 16:46
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