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PC parts
United States ReyCuadrado 
is there a website where I can find some cheap pc parts? I'm looking mostly for a graphics card and/or cpu. I have an intel core i5 and a gtx 950. If you guys have any tips or suggestions, please type them in the comments
2021-01-28 01:44
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United States ReyCuadrado
good one
2021-01-28 01:46
4 replies
buy it at microcenter, you can get combo deals and cheap prices there
2021-02-05 20:51
3 replies
+1, especially Boston Microcenter staff is really good
2021-02-12 19:46
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From Boston as well wtf
2021-02-12 22:18
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Small world
2021-02-13 05:48
In USA, I guess Newegg, they have deals from time to time.
2021-01-28 01:46
2021-01-28 01:53
United States Scvboy1
2021-01-28 02:20
United States GGtho
Have you checked tor browser?
2021-01-28 05:34
United States notawaffle the website also has completed builds that people post, but you can create your own pc with different parts you choose and fit it into your budget
2021-01-28 05:54
DD | 
Armenia breasts
2021-01-28 05:55
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+1 used is the best way to go
2021-01-28 06:16
Portugal H3NR
It depends on what CPU gen you have, but I'd first upgrade the GPU. #7 is probably your best option to check all prices in the US (I think? They have listed some stores in Portugal so I guess they have way more in the US).
2021-01-28 06:41
Gonna get i5 9600k guys, so i want to know what cpu cooler is neccesary for overclocking although till 4,7-4,9,ghz. Also my pc case is not so wide so if cooler will big gonna use it with open case.
2021-02-05 10:00
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Noctua NH-D15
2021-02-05 10:05
Spain SS_SS
the d15 above is enormous, if you arent going too heavy on the oc a d14 or u14 is more than enough and will fit in your case
2021-02-05 10:07
Canada JC_123
if your case is small you could try something like a 240mm liquid cooler but a good air cooler is better should you be able to fit it
2021-02-05 10:08
Coffee | 
Netherlands p2dr
get an AIO like a NZXT kraken or corsair h100i, if u want regular cooler go for Noctua NH-D15/D14 or scythe mugen 5.
2021-02-05 10:10
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thx so much guys, i would prefer air cooler but he will not fit in the case exactly, is it critical or doesnt matter?
2021-02-05 20:41
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Coffee | 
Netherlands p2dr
If u get a decent air cooler it will work fine. If you are worried about the size, just check the dimensions before you buy.
2021-02-06 09:11
if you want to get close to 5ghz you need to get an i7, the i5 9600k will do 4.5-4.7 on all cores usually get a closed loop water cooler or scythe mugen 5
2021-02-06 09:42
appreciate it guys thx, last question: is it decent to get i5 9600k in 2k21? the problem is my motherboard. Its z390 chipset. And changing them both is hard.
2021-02-06 12:24
Spain SS_SS
2021-02-05 10:06
Coffee | 
Netherlands p2dr
this is the absolute worst time to go look for gpu/cpu if u want it cheap, unless u are ready to settle for used products
2021-02-05 10:11
4 replies
Cpu's are pretty inexpensive nowadays compared to gpus which u can't find
2021-02-05 20:46
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Coffee | 
Netherlands p2dr
Agree gpu's are even harder to find but the general chip shortage also affects cpu's, specialy the more modern and better ones. I bought the 5900x 3 months ago for 500€ and it's either out of stock or you can find a rare one for €900. I notice this with other cpu's in all range I order for clients as well.
2021-02-06 09:14
you can buy a faster gpu for the same money this year than ever before. just go for the models around 200 euro and not the 400+ models. for example, a few years ago i got a second hand barely used gtx1060 for 150 euro when they were still quite new. for cpu i would recommend the 4 core ryzen 3100 or the i5 10600KF. currently for a new gpu i would pick the gtx1660 for 240 euro or radeon 5500 for 200 euro. the price performance in this price range is much better than for the 400+ models. and you really dont need a giant gpu in 2021. all the new games that come out are commercialized trash with microtransactions and bad gameplay, you wont really care about not playing them on the highest graphics settings.
2021-02-06 10:38
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Coffee | 
Netherlands p2dr
Why would I buy potato pc
2021-02-06 12:50
Azerbaijan Talley
i would buy a cpu and wait for gpu prices to go down. bought my 1050ti for 135euros 3 years ago, saw it for 190euros last month and got shocked lol. what is your budget anyway?
2021-02-06 09:28
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2021-02-06 12:27
2021-02-06 09:33
guys can u also answer me, are there too many differences between i5 9600k + rtx 2060 super and i7 9700k + the same videocard if u want just play, with no streaming, video rendering and etc?
2021-02-12 19:43
Worst time possible for gpu upgrade
2021-02-12 19:44
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