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AK-47 redline 0.15 " GIVEAWAY"
f0rest | 
Brazil Kurtt 
Greetings, there is a person in my country (Brazil) posing as a European gothic girl, a person usually uses his fake to win skins from cs: go, games, and presents on steam in general, get cheats, invitations to private cheats in the game, he managed to deceive some guys and win parts to assemble even a new computer, just deceiving others and posing as women and obtaining undue advantages My friends and I advise an investigation in general and we can obtain some things that unmasked the false absolutely, they are: it uses a European standard socket that is not used in Brazil she claims to live in Brasilia (which is a city that is not considered cold and there are several photos where you notice the presence of a heater that is hardly found even in cold cities like in the south of the country In one of the photos we can see that it was distorted 4 times and less than the original size and without a background we can notice a sign with fire symbols that are used in the uk, in the same photo you can see that she wears a "Hamptworth" shirt which is a country town in England, which could indicate that a girl lives in england or in the uk, these are all the evidences that i have Europe is very big, so I ask that some user who is from the gothic / metal / alternative medium of preference in the uk help me to find the original girl so I can communicate about what this person is doing and possibly know more about your person steam fake : instagram fake : facebook fake: twitter fake: twitch fake (no videos/vods) : a person who can find an original girl in the photo will receive the promised skin on this link you can check all or most of the photos he uses stolen from the original person album link :
2021-01-29 10:30
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Europe Holiwis
2021-01-29 10:31
Jordan Zereeni
2021-01-29 10:35
Russia VelsVivard
Nice try Isabella, I'm looking through you.
2021-01-29 10:36
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something tells me that the original girl is from england
2021-01-29 10:44
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United Kingdom Triturn
imma find her
2021-02-17 12:30
Europe SBC|SG_TS
2021-01-29 10:37
4 replies
idk some guy looking for online gf maybe
2021-01-29 11:33
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Europe SBC|SG_TS
+1 also +1 for nickname
2021-01-29 11:56
+1 for the name
2021-01-29 17:12
+1 for the name
2021-01-29 19:19
27k hours in csgo XD
2021-01-29 10:38
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f0rest | 
Brazil Kurtt
2021-01-29 10:42
+ almost 10k in the witcher 3 xD
2021-01-29 10:42
why should anyone care
2021-01-29 10:45
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probably the first part, scamming bad
2021-01-29 10:49
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yeah ok but this guy wrote a full on article on hltv proving that some girl isnt from brazil by inspecting her fkn power sockets and now he's offering a 20+ usd skin just to find out who she is????? whats the point
2021-01-29 10:51
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idk he probably got scammed by him/her xd
2021-01-29 10:52
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2021-01-29 10:52
Romania Iosif
He literally says in the post that there is a guy using a girl's pictures to scam people. Do you even read, bro?
2021-01-29 13:34
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believe it or not i do read, and what now? he'll find out the girls name and politely ask her on facebook to not scam people, great. Waste of time and brain power
2021-01-29 17:31
3 replies
he wants to warn the original girl about someone using her photos for shady purposes? you're not very bright, are you?
2021-01-29 17:41
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and then what is the girl going to do? find a magic delete all button and erase the pictures? its a bit ironic youre the one calling me stupid
2021-01-29 17:44
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what happens next is not his business anymore, is it? if it were your photos being used, wouldn't you want to know? also, each one of those sites (instagram, facebook, etc) has features for you to denouce misuse of your photos/info, so the profiles would be shut down fairly easy
2021-01-29 17:49
2021-01-29 17:52
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polant brain power over 9000
2021-04-12 18:09
Norway NosTheBoss
Did some quick reverse search on some of the images, 0 results. This could be cause the original girl has privated all her stuff, however, some shit like tumblr or vsco usually always pops up. My question is what bulletproof evidence do you have that he/she is an imposter? I understand your point but at the end of the day its just speculation with no real proof.
2021-01-29 10:47
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"she" did not speak into the microphone during all the months that I was "her friend" and claimed a stupid lie that he couldn't speak into the microphone because he had a problem with his vocal cords and never send audio or video call in whats app besides that I tracked your cell phone number and the owner of the cell phone number is called daniel, xD
2021-01-29 10:52
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Romania Iosif
Daaaaaaamn Daniel
2021-01-29 13:35
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yes as i mentioned in the post, he is a guy who made a fake, i just want to find the original girl to unmask once and for all ;/
2021-01-29 13:44
So you stalk her power sockets and fire alarms because shes not talking to you irl. interesting.
2021-01-29 17:53
2021-01-29 10:48
Germany Booya
The Socket and Heater Regulator looks like the ones in Germany
2021-01-29 11:01
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They are just EU standards
2021-04-12 17:33
For some reason I can't access any of the images but I think having a shirt with Hamptworth so it would be very strange - it is a hamlet in Wiltshire which means less than 100 people live there probably
2021-01-29 11:03
5 replies
Also in Britain we do not use the European standard socket we use a three pronged plug
2021-01-29 11:04
4 replies
2021-01-29 11:12
3 replies
Still no luck not sure why
2021-01-29 11:26
1 reply
send me your discord
2021-01-29 11:45
100% not a British plug
2021-01-29 12:33
Okey dude - check the picture, in which she has sweather and is with 2 children. She has a tattoo on her arm. Contact tattoo makers in Hamptworth - I bet there won't be that many and you could just google them and explain them the current situation. Thats the best I can do for you - good luck!
2021-01-29 11:31
Brazil Sketchy200
im gonna see her twitch tomorrow, lets see
2021-01-29 11:32
Argentina nokkiii
imagine simping on fucking steam lmfao and then "doing an investigation" to try and find a kid who is getting money off simps XAXAAXXAXAAXXAXAXAAXXAXAXAXAXA
2021-01-29 11:38
I doubt she lives at hamptworth its empty
2021-01-29 11:42
3 replies
having a hamptworth shirt is very specific, why the hell would someone who doesn't live in england have such a shirt? What about the socket, do you use that socket in England?
2021-01-29 12:03
2 replies
No we use a 3 pronged socket thing, just search it up. Also maybe she went for a trip to Hamptworth because its a golf club and i think theres a place to stay
2021-01-29 12:06
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United Kingdom JupiterACE
I think it's a bathroom socket with a cover, for shavers.
2021-01-29 17:38
where is the giveaway
2021-01-29 11:43
tldr dont give a poop about this badly written post ;DD
2021-01-29 11:47
Trust me, if you have 27k hours on csgo, even if you're a girl, and you arent a pro/relatively known figure yet, You've definitely wasted your life LOL. Even if she did it for her own gain(personal amusement) It would still be a HUGE waste, considering 27k hours is plenty over 1100 days, which results into 3+ years. Overall, its not possible to play that much, not even pros who plays it on a daily basis has 27k lol
2021-01-29 11:49
6 replies
you're an idiot, do u really believe that is legit? there are many programms which allows you to add hours
2021-01-29 12:27
4 replies
''Overall, its not possible to play that much'' Do you have a hard time comprehending English?
2021-01-29 14:15
3 replies
i've stopped reading ur dumb post after "LOL"
2021-01-29 16:49
2 replies
You obviously did though, shitty argument, proves you're the idiot here ^^
2021-01-29 17:07
dude just stop, you're not convincing anyone here
2021-01-30 12:24
VPS does this, it would be a virtual machine that your cs go is open with your steam 24 hours a day
2021-01-29 12:47
1100+ days, and now we're not talking about 8 hours per day, now we're talking legit 1100x24.
2021-01-29 12:20
g8 b8
2021-01-29 12:31
its me
2021-01-29 12:32
I'm calling pinkerton now.
2021-01-29 12:35
she hot im gonna add now 😎
2021-01-29 13:12
2021-01-29 14:16
nt clara
2021-01-29 17:10
simp, please....
2021-01-29 17:12
Cambodia CyBeRv!
You are getting played my dude, i am almost certain SHE is a HE, not a single word said in a few months as a friend? That's gonna be more than sus for me already + instagram locked, fb also, no twitch content - deffo a scam kid stealing other ppl photos and impersonating himself as a female.\
2021-01-29 17:13
United Kingdom JupiterACE
What a dedicated scammer, but I wonder if he made enough money for it to be worth it
2021-01-29 17:37
okay, who cares about a random scammer dude? there are 1 billion scammers scamming people every second..
2021-01-29 17:44
vsm | 
Brazil mafe^
first link tried to download adware lol, lukely i got a nice anti-virus
2021-01-29 17:46
3 replies
virus on an img hosting website nice joke man
2021-01-29 17:57
2 replies
vsm | 
Brazil mafe^
why would i lie about this, i wanna take a image of it, but its in portuguese, do you matter if its in portuguese?
2021-01-29 18:54
1 reply
do u know what false positive is?
2021-01-29 20:30
There is a phrase on this steam account 'Fique atento aos fakes' (watchout for fakes), which is quite ironic hahahaa also, it says that 'she' born in BR but her family is Polish
2021-01-29 17:46
5 replies
There's also one picture of her with the 21:37 on the "emoji" clock with another chick that was looking like she was laughing about something. Polish pope died at that hour in 2005 and 2137 became a some sort of a joke/meme for polish people.
2021-01-29 19:18
4 replies
wtf really?
2021-01-29 19:23
2 replies
Yup so that family thing is right, but still far from getting in solved. It actually makes things more complicated
2021-01-29 19:28
1 reply
2021-01-29 19:29
interesting this, the girl can be Polish, this is a strong hypothesis, but now find exactly that girl in specific
2021-02-01 11:20
move on
2021-01-29 17:48
United States GGtho
2021-01-29 17:49
United States PP_Bizon
This is one of the funniest shit posts I've seen lately
2021-01-29 19:00
1 reply
2021-02-12 12:21
she/he also cheats on csgo, a guy on YT did a video exposing her/him, her/his twitch account is now entirely empty
2021-01-29 19:06
1 reply
yes, I saw this video, that "she" is false is already proven, just now only remains find original girl of photo and communicate everything I mentioned
2021-02-01 11:12
try using on her photos
2021-01-29 19:22
3 replies
I've tried this site, google images and the like, to no avail, since the guy can just cut out the edges of the original photo and these sites can't find the original destination of the image
2021-02-01 11:10
what's that
2021-04-12 11:31
1 reply
its a reverse search for images
2021-04-12 17:10
zehN | 
Germany _XiLe
she/he plays faceit in SA and is banned for cheating
2021-01-30 12:31
1 reply
I know that i just want to know who the original girl that he steals the photos
2021-02-01 11:18
Nice joke man)
2021-02-01 11:19
3 replies
why "joke" ?
2021-02-02 01:19
2 replies
I check only first link
2021-02-02 14:18
1 reply
you can look at it is usually just an image hosting site, it does not contain any viruses
2021-02-03 10:55
Oh my god. Open and shut case, Johnson. I saw this once when I was a rookie. Lets sprinkle some crack on him and get outta here
2021-02-03 10:58
2 replies
no memes bro
2021-02-04 11:17
1 reply
Good old Chapelle...thats not a meme thats art
2021-02-04 11:19
gr8 b8
2021-03-03 13:24
When simping goes too far
2021-03-03 13:29
1 reply
what ?
2021-03-08 10:10
2021-03-08 10:17
1 reply
2021-03-08 12:26
2021-04-12 11:20
2 replies
why bump this?¿?¿?¿?
2021-04-12 11:22
1 reply
because it is a way for the person to earn 25 usd and I gain the information that I want
2021-04-12 11:26
Not this again
2021-04-12 11:53
Hungary Rollie
This is creepy af
2021-04-12 12:22
Argentina EnvyJ
Hey, that one looks similar to my girlfriend, the same eye color and hair lol
2021-04-12 17:26
1 reply
She also has 2 eyes wtf? Same as my friend. Is she spotted?
2021-04-12 17:30
Sherlocks do your thing
2021-04-12 17:29
who the fuck bumped this i remember this thread its old af
2021-04-12 17:30
Portugal dascouves
She looks russian to me tbh
2021-04-12 17:30
Any results yet? Really interesting, If its real then we must expose him!
2021-04-12 17:34
I have the same doormat as in the last picture lmao
2021-04-12 17:34
Reverse image search 🤓
2021-04-12 17:37
Report it to the virtual crimes police, bro.
2021-04-12 17:57
1 reply
2021-04-12 18:01
Thanks for the tip of what i can do next to earn lots of money i have pretty high steam level so i can make a fake goth e-girl profile
2021-04-12 18:04
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