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happy for jks
chrisJ | 
Netherlands El_CaPiTaN 
seems like he is waking up again this event, had been dead for months, he was playing so bad I thought it was about time to kick him but this event we are seeing some vintage 100T jks spraying. I hope he can come back into his own from here on out!
2021-02-10 22:39
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All these idiots don't know how CS works. This is the first bootcamp they have had and look what they done. You can't get form and confidence when you play with a different stand in every event.
2021-02-10 22:42
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2021-02-10 22:43
2021-02-10 22:45
India Smauxx
2021-02-10 22:46
2021-02-10 22:50
2021-02-10 22:52
col is done
2021-02-10 22:45
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jks | 
Australia jks_top1
2021-02-10 22:47
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2021-02-10 22:47
Brazil pr0mpt
He's getting that smooth again
2021-02-10 22:47
India Smauxx
Its good to have org who is passionate about a game. Everything is amazing in Complexity. CEO is great and believes team like this will take time to get on top level hence trusting them and giving them every comfort they can. Complexity is kinda dream org for some players. The way handled Obo stuff and all. They did good job.
2021-02-10 22:50
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Liquid is Dream org :D Any pro player watching the tour of the AlienWare facility would nut.
2021-02-10 22:56
so happy for him
2021-02-10 22:55
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