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CS:GO optimize PC (audio buffer size)
REZ | 
Denmark RealPissant 
Does a high buffer size on a soundcard interfere with netcode somehow?? If you have an audio buffer >= 256 then try set it as low as you can before CPU/Audio stutters, I don't know where the sweet spot is exactly but for me going from 1024 (work setting) to 128 felt like a big difference.
2021-02-18 11:57
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what kind of soundcard do you have because this kinda stuff isnt usually available to change for the user
2021-02-18 12:00
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True, I have a semi-pro soundcard but I believe this is on every soundcard out there, maybe not for motherboard audio chipset but maybe it is depending on the drivers. 6ms (256 samples at 44.1kHz) 12ms latency, (512-sample buffer size at 44.1kHz) 23ms (1024 samples at 44.1kHz) Not that many milliseconds difference but I could feel something wasn't right.
2021-02-18 12:43
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DSP latency isnt directly related to sample rate or buffer size, its also to do with hardware and drivers. i dont know about this buffer variable, never had a sound card that had it. i recommend you look up what the default value for this is on other computers and set it to that, if youre having issues with sound in csgo. also make sure to set the audio delay variable in cs, snd_mixahead, to at least 0.01 (10ms) to prevent audio distortion ever since MS changed the audio stack with windows vista low latency 3d audio has been pretty much fucked and now it relies on game studios to implement it
2021-02-18 13:37
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