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Argentina fxzo 
2 days to see one of the best events of the year, hoping an exciting playoffs full of OT or 16-14. Such a shame we are not on LAN, it would be sick these game on lan. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE AND ENJOY!
2021-02-24 18:37
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Spirit, VP and Gambit wouldn't have been in the play-offs on LAN But still an interesting set of teams in the play-offs a S-tier event
2021-02-24 18:38
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United States squidos
spirit vp and gambit all look really good right now, every team has the same advantages and disadvantages of not being on lan, don't discredit their accomplishments simply because they weren't as good on lan in the past, teams improve, expectations are exceeded, these teams played well and that's all. stop with this "it wouldn't happen on lan" bullshit
2021-02-24 18:42
This is just your guess, but it is as unfair as Navi, which won the LAN and was adapted for online in the beginning of the new 2021. And we all remember how Navi smashed rivals to smithereens in Katowice 2020 :)
2021-02-24 18:45
I hate to break it to you, but you're wrong
2021-02-24 18:46
so big event that 17 ranked beat 2. And 2 out 5 top5 teams are not even in playoffs. But really big event.
2021-02-24 18:38
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your point? Gambit/Spirit are good af
2021-02-24 18:47
2021-02-24 18:40
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name > na very underrated with brasil flag > you hating on na and supporting cis in every comment. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2021-02-24 18:42
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When did I "hate" on na, or any region or that matter?
2021-02-24 18:57
2021-02-24 18:43
🤡nline = trash Any LAN event of 2021 >>>> IEM Kato 21,even if it would be LOOT.BET
2021-02-24 18:47
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faze fan kkkkkkkkkkk
2021-02-24 18:48
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2021-02-24 18:54
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