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OG Lollipop21k
Finland BigBeing 
I think OG should maybe try him as 6th man because he got lot of skill invidually. I think he deserves shot in tier 1 team. Bet his buyout wouldnt even be "that" much. He also speaks good english even though he is from belarus.
2021-02-25 11:38
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Russia Evil_DaviD1
Maybe, but most likely he can't speak proper English like every other CIS pro (except for s1mple).
2021-02-25 11:40
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Idk i've heard him speaking english in fpl and its pretty good. ISSAAs arabian english isnt very good either.
2021-02-25 11:42
Lack1 | 
Russia bult0
Lolli grinds fpl for years now, his English would be enough to play internationally
2021-02-25 11:48
0/8 boombl4 speaks very great
2021-02-25 12:00
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yeah most of navi seems atleast alright at it, they have been in the international scene for long enough now
2021-02-25 12:09
Hungary Rollie
S1mple's English is good and proper by your standards?
2021-02-25 14:41
2021-02-25 16:49
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Wtf is this
2021-02-25 17:18
Lmfao that accent i almost thought they were british
2021-02-25 17:57
2021-02-25 18:09
Asia TopBaiter
not real
2021-02-25 18:10
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name doesn't check out?
2021-02-25 18:12
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Asia TopBaiter
2021-02-25 18:13
he's good player but not OG level, OG need player like degster
2021-02-25 11:43
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He is Nemigas best player, easily could be in OG too.
2021-02-25 11:58
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OG prob be looking at a player like ropz, if they thinking of removing ISSA. Real fix is -nbk and -ISSA
2021-02-25 12:00
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But it looks like OG dont really want use their money that much and speaking of ropz buyout it would be too high for them.
2021-02-25 12:04
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Agreed and everytime they get to final seem to be happy with runner up spot too
2021-02-25 12:04
what the fuck are you talking about lmao, yes ropz would be good for them. But they're definately not looking for -issaa +ropz, you can't swap an aggressive player for one of the most passive players rn
2021-02-25 17:21
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xseveN is too aggressive tell him to calm down on server plsss
2021-02-25 17:23
OG level lol
2021-02-25 12:01
OG LEVEL axaxaxaxaxaxa
2021-02-25 16:51
2021-02-25 16:59
Definitely OG level. But wouldn't see it as a improvement.
2021-02-25 17:19
Xoma | 
Europe Zaczek
He would be a great fit to the team no cap
2021-02-25 11:44
Why would OG pick someone with such nickname?
2021-02-25 11:47
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Doesnt matter
2021-02-25 12:27
Yeah they should hire Darth Vader
2021-02-25 17:14
dont waste money to lollipop just use that money to buy Ropz
2021-02-25 11:49
2021-02-25 11:59
Why wouldn't they rather take Espiranto?... I mean, he was decent in an international roster.
2021-02-25 12:04
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Im pretty sure he is already in Sunny/Flusha roster.
2021-02-25 12:08
-aleksib +suNny EZ
2021-02-25 12:05
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Miikka 'firepower' Kemppi
2021-02-25 13:28
Finland Sorsa
+1 Here we go again :D
2021-02-25 13:30
Finland drop_awp
+1 SuNny ruining another decent team that would be funny
2021-02-25 14:23
+1 good plyr
2021-02-25 12:05
Russia M1shV4T
Nah, gonna be downgrade
2021-02-25 13:23
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He sure would be better than ISSAA
2021-02-25 14:15
2021-02-25 14:17
-Noone +Bubski
2021-02-25 14:19
mir | 
Russia ErleN_
he won't leave nemiga for OG
2021-02-25 14:28
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"wont leave forever tier 3 team for tier 1 team" lmao?
2021-02-25 14:56
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Namiga with good awper can be a tier 1 or 1.5
2021-02-25 16:58
most cis orgs actually have crazy high buyouts for their better players, which is also why navi always gets fucked over and can't get their hands on those guys. But esides that yeah he doesn't seem like a bad pickup but still I'd like to see something bigger and more ambitious for an org like OG.
2021-02-25 14:30
No lol
2021-02-25 14:41
NT, LOLLI will go to navi, he will plays instead of bot flamie
2021-02-25 14:42
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I dont think that he will go navi
2021-02-25 16:47
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He IS the best optuon for them they Will not pick any vp, Gambit and Spirit. Also, when Navi wanted fl1t, he didn't want to play for navi
2021-02-25 17:13
He IS the best option for them they Will not pick any vp, Gambit and Spirit player. Also, when Navi wanted fl1t, he didn't want to play for navi
2021-02-25 17:14
not bad choise
2021-02-25 14:47
OG Stewie2K
2021-02-25 16:48
Latvia Heccu
Made an English interview with lollipop21k in August. He would have 0 problems playing in a English speaking team.
2021-02-25 16:51
Thailand hahahoha
his name is just so bad for pro player OMG LOLLIPOP21K ARE YOU KIDDING ME
2021-02-25 16:51
OG noobs not worthy to play with Lolli
2021-02-25 16:52
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Yeah like Nemiga was better than OG lol.
2021-02-25 17:55
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one tier3 lvl
2021-02-25 18:07
He could play in T1 team long ago but he wanted to help his own country.
2021-02-25 16:52
Netherlands BigBoyTies
Actually, one of the first properly thought out fixes. He plays the same role as far as I know, he's cheap and an aim star. Good one. Would +1 fer as well.
2021-02-25 18:09
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