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Netflix: Tribes of europe
Germany GermanyFirstMoonLanding 
Anyone watched it? Is it good?
2021-02-25 17:42
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I would rather play good historical game like EU4 or just watch some nice YT channel about history than some netflix shit
2021-02-25 17:45
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Good for you!
2021-02-25 17:45
Good for you boy.
2021-02-25 18:47
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Are you calling me "boy" while you have Frankie as your flair? Pathetic virgin
2021-02-25 19:54
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> Calling me pathetic > #1 :facepalm:
2021-02-25 22:45
2021-02-25 22:49
Do they speak mainly German?
2021-02-25 17:46
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idk didnt watch it yet
2021-02-25 17:46
they speak mainly german its okay i guess, on 5th episode right now
2021-02-25 17:48
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2021-02-25 17:49
Germany BlastingDoc
So ur telling me this is a german series? I watched the first 30 minutes in „original“ audio. Now I know why it sounded a bit off at times.
2021-02-25 17:58
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2021-02-25 18:37
Germany ChRiZOwow
I watched the trailer and nearly slept
2021-02-25 18:33
Only watched the first episode and found it boring
2021-02-25 18:38
I'll watch only if the documentary says our tribes different from the tribes from Africa, can someone spoiler me ?
2021-02-25 18:40
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Germany I__car
they came from Africa, but at some point a group of extraterristrials (Pleidians) changed the dna of some tribes wich were at the moment "living" in Europe continent.
2021-02-25 18:42
Haven’t watched it yet, but I will with a friend in the near future. It looks good
2021-02-25 18:43
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Germany I__car
what i hate about english is this, now we don't know if you are talking about a female friend or male, wich would make your comment way different. :/
2021-02-25 18:45
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Eine Freundin aus Deutschland
2021-02-25 18:47
No, just more Netflix garbage. Watched 10min and was among the worst pile of garbage I've seen in a while. It's like the 100 except even worse.
2021-02-25 22:48
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the 100 was quite good Only the last season was trash
2021-02-25 22:52
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rofl no the first 2 seasons were good then it became trash. Stopped watching somewhere in s4.
2021-02-25 22:55
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