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NBK different in game vision
this is like the third time nbk was benched from a team because of different in game visions all back to back as well first in g2 with shox then in vitality with xtqzz now in og i like the guy but like, is he always going to have this problem?
2021-02-25 18:59
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Idk this move makes no sense rn really should have been -issa until lans especially if they are only looking at benched players and not at someone like ropz
2021-02-25 19:01
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Why does it make no sense? He doesn't share the same vision with the team, and it's not ideal to have a team that's not on the same page. From the outside it seems like ISSAA is the logical replacement, but we don't know the inner workings of the team so. EDIT: To be clear, I support the kicking of ISSAA, I'm just saying that removing NBK probably was a logical move.
2021-02-26 02:44
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Since OG's creation they have played 3 lans: css5, Ice Challenge and a BLAST group stage. They only showed form in the latter but they looked decent, tactically and individually and beat EG while they weren't still an absolute joke. Its now been over a year since they have seen each other as well Imo any roster move should have been -ISSA until lans start again because of that facts, just so they can bootcamp and get things done again, then they could either go into a full-time 6th man or cut either ISSA or whoever replaced him I get that something may be up that justifies kicking NBK right now, but they have created a situation where they now need someone to fill so many hard roles with top level experience, and there isnt really anyone available right now other than olof who can do that and i dont see him fitting into OG
2021-02-26 09:42
He needs to either igl or coach/manage a roster tbh
2021-02-25 19:01
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United States Swadplan
LDLC perfect place for him, replace lambert and let him run the other french guys
2021-02-25 19:10
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France Yougz
2021-02-26 02:49
woxic = nbk
2021-02-25 19:04
Finland Eestu
This is exactly what I was a bit worried about back when the OG lineup was announced. Not hating on NBK-, but I just wasn't too sure whether it was going to work out with him being a 2nd caller/support.
2021-02-25 19:15
It’s just a polite way to say you suck by orgs Can literally replace him with anybody with a pulse he’s so bad and has been free riding for years. Total overhyped overrated wash up for years.
2021-02-26 02:37
i think it's because of his funny ass looking tattoos
2021-02-26 02:41
Australia B_Tannen
Should’ve replaced ISSAA first.
2021-02-26 02:41
G2 got worst after apex and nbk left, G2 only got better after kicking shox and taking nexa+hunter Vita got worst after NBK left, only peaking again after ALEX left Both cases team got worst after NBK left, the team only will be better after fixing the real issue
2021-02-26 02:52
-nbk. +Michu
2021-02-26 02:58
It’s more like nbk wanted issa out but the rest didn’t. OG is not the type of org to make changes
2021-02-26 03:01
i think he is very narcisstic.
2021-02-26 09:42
Vitality NBK LUL
2021-02-26 09:47
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