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salary raise
Russia i)are)think)that 
how do you ask for salary raise mens?:))) I have another position but officially I'm still doing the old one contractually. I'm told either it can continue like that (semi official wtf) or they can make a new position but other people can also apply to it. Last year a client was really dissatisfied with the company in some regard and I'm the reason they're happy with us again. Still no salary raise?!! Like WTF, I feel its kinda unjust but idk what to do. Any advice from the 1% hltv-ers who actually work?
2021-02-26 12:08
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Germany c0mpetition
"Eyy baus can i hef da mone?"
2021-02-26 12:09
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Germany sommares
2021-02-26 14:32
Cracked me up
2021-02-26 14:35
2021-02-26 16:15
2021-03-05 10:05
Politely ask for a raise my friend, ask for a reunion with your boss and have a conversation with him about it explaining why you deserve a raise, what have you done in the company etc..
2021-02-26 12:10
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I feel that is a little tricky with todays job descriptions. In some of them it implies that doing good work for the company and keeping clients satisfied is a duty and nothing out of the ordinary. moreover, failiure to comply with these targets may result in a renewed vacancy for your job or even firing for underperformance.
2021-03-05 10:11
Spain SS_SS
you said it pretty well here, if you explain this yto your boss and make him unserstand what you bring to the company, he wont hire a new employee and train him, as well as build the trust he seems to have in you, just explain it calmly and find the good moment, he wont hire a noob while he has a pro.
2021-02-26 12:11
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talk to faze then lol
2021-02-26 12:15
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Spain SS_SS
2021-02-26 12:15
yeah I guess... idk it's difficult though, because of that attitude I also lose trust in them
2021-02-26 12:16
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Spain SS_SS
look, if i was a boss, i would want my emplyees to be success driven and hungry for more, yes, you might cost him more or maybe seem "ungrateful" but if what you said is true, he will se you as a man who knows his worth, and i think that is a good attitude to have for an employee, also the raise will motivate you to reach new levels of confidence and be even more ambitious in the workplace.
2021-02-26 12:17
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yes true, now I'm really considering looking elsewhere even though I like the job and the company
2021-02-26 12:21
In more conservative companies salary raises are not just given out without asking for them, but I feel that when employees talk to the management openly about the increased responsibilities they are often forthcoming with increasing the salary. Good employees are hard to find, and there is a reason why your responsibilites have increased, and one would hope that it would automatically raise your salary, but unfortunately you need to remind the management about these issues and should go smoothly for you. Just need to ask. If for some reason they would deny the raise, at least they would explain their reasoning behind it, which gives you the opportunity to either understand them or walk away to another job. But if thats what you are thinking already, its better first ask, you cant loose anything there :)
2021-03-05 11:53
imagine working for someone and not being your own boss wtf
2021-02-26 12:12
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imagine thinking that way wtf PS: there are other sort of jobs than bullshit jobs that exist)))
2021-02-26 12:14
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in the end ur boss gets to drive porsche due to ur hard work )))
2021-02-26 12:17
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xDD kinda true. But I CBA to "manage" many other ppl really. I prefer doing science :(
2021-02-26 12:20
so you drive your own porche cuz you are selfemployed?
2021-03-05 10:07
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No, because im not as stupid as buying a car that loses value over time. Their loss they dont know shit about money management
2021-03-05 10:26
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a car will never be an investment dude lol. You can't t buy a car thinking about the moment you are gonna sell it, they always devaluate drastically, no matter the car.
2021-03-05 11:10
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Its not an investment, its about breaking even. You shouldnt care about what car you drive unless you are extremely rich. I'd drive an old toyota and often sell them either for the same price i bought it or for more to also get covered for maintenance payments etc. Why would u buy a porsche that will be worth 30k less in 5 yrs
2021-03-05 11:33
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Stopped reading at "You shouldnt care about what car you drive unless you are extremely rich.". Who exactly do you think you are to tell ME what my interests should be lmao. I like cars, so what. If you don't enjoy them as much as I do, it makes sense TO YOU not to spend x amount of money lol EDIT: grammar.
2021-03-05 11:36
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Its just faux wealth driving expensive car. 99% of the people driving expensive car arent even wealthy. Imagine spending money on cars you like instead of using that money to build up significant amount of wealth to buy whatever car you want without a worry in the world, what a trash mentality u have it disgust me honestly
2021-03-05 11:43
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You assumed everything by yourself and built an imaginary profile of a person based on that, while accusing of trash mentality and being disgusted at an imaginary human being lmao hahaha You don't know how much money do I have, you don't know what kind or how expensive the cars I buy are, and also "using that money to build up significant amount of wealth to buy whatever car you want without a worry in the world" is not exclusive to buying the car you want, you don't have to carry a cross around in life to achive that lmao.
2021-03-05 11:50
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? Based on what you wrote you have trash mentality, its not an assumption. You surely have alot of money browsing htlv, wealthy ppl tend to browse hltv. Stop fooling yourself plz. I find it very laughable that people will never experience being wealthy. Enjoy your cars and your problems in life with your 9 to 5 job tho
2021-03-05 12:00
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Projecting much?
2021-03-06 22:57
you say: "4el povys' zarplatu"
2021-02-26 12:13
bitch this dick hungry, stuff some money in mah pocket or else this it's going to end up in your ass
2021-02-26 12:13
greedy company, nothing new in this shitty world full of selfish people
2021-02-26 12:22
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y... I don't understand this shit, it's a big company and not like his own money anyways
2021-02-26 12:23
-Start the conversation with small talks and casual chatting (ice breaker) -Randomly put in how the situation with the client looked like and casually said you're glad that you helped to solve the problem (find common ground) -When the atmosphere is comfortable for both then tell your boss with a calm tone: "Listen, I wanted to ask if you have any plan for a salary raise this year?" -Slowly add in how exactly you have helped the firm to back up your point even more. -Accept whatever he/she says after that. And thank them for their time before leaving. This is a kind of difficult conversation that you don't want to rush. Don't just go to the table and immediately slam the question in their face. Take it slow, spend some time to head up the conversation first. When they feel more comfortable they're more receptive to your words. If after this they still don't raise your salary, then look for another job. It's clear that your work is not appreciated enough and you feel underpaid right now.
2021-02-26 12:24
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oki that sounds like good advice, thanks mens)) !!!
2021-02-26 12:25
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Np, good luck
2021-02-26 12:26
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thanks! I saved your answer in case the mods delete this thread
2021-02-26 12:26
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In case you want to know more about this, there're some good books about difficult conversations: -The Chimp Paradox -Talking to crazy -Emotional Intelligence It's a crucial skill especially later on when you become a manager and have to deal with people.
2021-02-26 12:28
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ty men!!!
2021-02-26 12:29
Get a hold of the salary you can earn at a competitor, and (if it is higher) show that number to your manager/business owner. Managed to increase my salary by 30% when I did that.
2021-02-26 12:29
k1to | 
Germany BadBro
Fake an offer from another company that is willing to pay you more! Then get an offer from your company eZ clap dribble the system
2021-02-26 12:31
Hungary BPHMT
Depends on what type of relationship you have with your boss. If kinda friendly, u can ask him for raise without telling him how much you want. Just tell him, that you are working hard, and would appreciate it. Its nothing strange to ask some q like this from your boss man, dont worry about it this much. Just ask it, noone will kill you bc of it. If he will say no, anyway he will still remember that you asked for it, and he will do it sooner or later.
2021-02-26 12:34
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I know him from before but before sb else was my boss. So, I don't know him well
2021-02-26 13:54
Just apply for another job, tell nobody, continue your work. If you get better offers, leave and your current boss that or try to imply that without making a threat, bosses dont like that if you fight their ego.
2021-02-26 12:36
What the problem with other people able to apply? Do you think they will be a best fit than you for a position your company gave you unofficially in the first place?
2021-02-26 12:40
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can be, esp. if he's way cheaper or so. it's one big unknown more in this world...
2021-02-26 13:53
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But if he can do your job for cheaper, why would you deserve a rise in the first place? I'm sure you can prepare your argumentation about what you do and did for your company that someone else probably couldn't and that why you deserve a new position and a rise going along with it. Added you already know the job and so you are already operation ready, etc.. That's how it works.
2021-02-26 14:03
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yes you're right and I'd have taken this risk one year earlier... now though, IDK. Too many unknowns in the world, less jobs, I want to stay in my city, I have someone in my life and don't want to move :( it's not so black and white anymore sadly
2021-02-26 14:18
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Something I don't get: if another people get the position, you lose the old "official" one?
2021-02-26 14:21
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yes because we can't hire ppl coz or CORONA, so it has to be +/- 0 people in the overall balance
2021-02-26 14:22
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Well then you have to sort out if it is a risk you are willing to take, waging your added value to the company and their perception of it. Furthermore if you'd like to keep investing yourself in a company that treat you with "injustice" when the situation get better. But even now, as someone advised above, why notprospect other companies, yes there is less work but who knows? If you find one, it doesn't imply to quit but that's a safety net that would allow you to take the risk but also another argument : 'they proposed me X, if you want to keep me, you will need to give me X or X+1"
2021-02-26 14:31
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yes I'll do that I think, look for sth else but knowing I don't have to find sth urgently. But yes you're right, I liked my job and the company and the prospect of the new position, but now my faith in the company, management is like 0, and my loyalty too. I'll do the minimum now,
2021-02-26 16:12
putting "senior" in front of any job always works)) and they can fill that position with you.
2021-02-26 14:34
step 1. walk into boss office step 2. tell them the figure you want step 3. tell them you will apply at other companies to get more offers step 4. go apply at other companies step 5. pick the highest offer if you have no leverage they wont agree to pay you more, you need to show the company that you dont need them but they need you. works every time. it also depends on how expendable / replacable you are for the company
2021-02-26 16:19
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Bad advice, I'm a manager myself and when an employee does something like that I just want to let them go more. We're not idiots, we understand that good employees deserve good salary to keep them stay. If an employee is very good we actually fight for their salary raise. If an employee hasn't gotten a raise yet that means either we got a budget block, or that employee isn't worth that much that he thinks of himself. If you get a raise, you will get a raise. All you should do is you ask/remind us how good you are. Don't play game with your manager it would get you nowhere.
2021-02-27 16:07
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okay then you are the 0.1% of managers that actually cares about their employees instead of exploiting them and im santa clause per definition companies make money by paying people less than what their labor is worth. therefore as a manager its your job to pay people as little as possible for as much work as possible. to increase the profit margin for the owners. playing games is literally the only way to get more of what you are worth and it works very well if your employer knows you have other options and they dont. if youre expendable then of course it doesnt work. but in that case what are you doing there anyway. asking nicely doesnt work. they will give you a little bit that doesnt even make up for inflation. you need to take it. managers understand this, thats why you all negotiate contracts with bonuses and make sure you get paid one even if you get fired. just the way you phrase it pisses me off. "All you should do is you ask/remind us how good you are". no one needs to show you how good they are at their job. you cant do any work yourself. you cost a lot of money and dont produce anything. you should go show people you are good at some job and then talk. there is no reason for you to be in this position. the world would be much better off without managers. i only work at small companies to avoid getting dicked around by guys like you. all youre doing is taking money out of my paycheck.
2021-03-04 20:10
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Here is the reality check, salary increase or financial related matters are decided and approved by very high management. Your line manager or even his manager might not even make a decision. Your point only works in start ups or companies with very thin hierarchy. If you work in corporate environment, then marketing yourself for a prolong period of time is crucial to get a salary raise or promotion. The bosses "up there" have no clue who you are among other hundreds of people who all perform well. The only way to make your name remembered is to marketing yourself on top of hard-work, and your manager has to help as well. Remember managers are all bound by HR and main accountant no matter small or big companies. They have a set budget every year for salary (well if the company doesn't set that budget, then good luck existing). Regarding playing game, it's literally 50/50. On one hand, managers KNOW that you're playing game. Good and experienced managers won't budge an inch. They have all the information about you, your skills, opinions from your clients, stakeholders, competitors. They make decisions based on a lot more factors than just yourself. Sometimes the employee thinks he's so good but when talking to his stakeholders it's a complete opposite feedback. On the other hand, let's say you're soooo good the manager has to keep you, then when you ask for a raise, he would have considered to raise your salary anyway. Because he knows you're doing a good job and without a raise you would get upset. So when you play games, it's 50/50 to get a salary raise or not, but 100% you will risk your relationship with the manager to be damaged. Even if you decide to leave, always part way with a company in good terms and don't burn bridges.
2021-03-05 10:24
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2021-03-05 11:14
also there is no such thing as a "budget block" if the cost of letting someone go is higher than the cost of giving them the raise they asked for. its simple math really. you may just have some liquidity issues but that's not the employee's problem, they can just go work for whoever wants to pay the most without any guilt because hey thats how the system works that you people built to increase your profit margins
2021-03-04 20:15
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Yes, at that time the employee has all the rights to leave, if he thinks he's worth more than what he's being paid for and the company cannot afford higher salary. However, budget blocks are very real. Managers are not necessarily the owners who can control finance. Even if he is the owner there are regulations and the accounting department has the rights to block him based on internal by-laws or law (depends on legislation as well). For example, salary range that can increase the tax income and insurance of that employee, and let's say by-laws do not allow employee with lower than 3 years in the company to get that range. This is one of the examples of any thing that can affect the manager's decision. Literally there are a lot of reasons, some you would never even imagine, but they're there.
2021-03-05 09:59
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yes but the question youre not asking is why you need to make those decisions at all when research shows that the employees are better at making those decisions together because they know how to do their jobs and what they need to do their jobs. you are only there to remind them that they are at the bottom of the hierarchy and pressure them not to join unions. you dont control the finance but it is your job to make sure the people above you make more profit and the people below you work hard for less money. thats the only reason to hire a manager in the first place. if you hire competent employees who work hard and pay them well, you dont need to manage them, they'll manage themselves.
2021-03-06 11:07
Brazil chad47
show him spellans pic after that he will xse you and raise ur house salary bonus donuts
2021-02-27 16:10
say gimme more or I will leave
2021-03-04 20:14
Macau KiaraMia
Just ask for 36k
2021-03-04 20:18
Dosia | 
Russia Rapu
When I feel that I deserve to get more money - I just go to interview in another companies.
2021-03-04 20:18
Finland JmNn1
ask for it and then backup ur question by solid points why you "need it"
2021-03-04 20:20
salary raise in Rabsia? lol give ur money to Putler for a new castle
2021-03-05 10:26
wake up u are 15yo
2021-03-05 11:11
Im always straight forward, but I keep conversation with high culture standars. Not ass licking, but not whinning. I check how much they pay in other companies for the same position and responsibilities & how much they pay others in my company. I usually gets, if he rejects I ask what they want from me to grt raise and when it happens. If they bullshitig Im giving them hint thay Im ready to leave the company in pursue better offers.
2021-03-05 21:29
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