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top 3 teams of each region
Europe 1. Astralis 2. Vitality 3. Big i guess? Asia 1. Navi 2. Spirit 3. Vp/Gambit the americas (NA and SA) 1. Liquid 2. Furia 3. EG discuss
2021-02-26 18:43
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France who_asked
> Asia > list of CIS teams ?
2021-02-26 18:45
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asia/cis whatever
2021-02-26 18:45
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France who_asked
But CIS isn't in Asia
2021-02-26 18:46
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most cis countries are in asia
2021-02-26 18:46
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France who_asked
5/6 NaVi players were born in Europe
2021-02-26 18:47
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russia is an asian country not a european one. s1mple is from europe though
2021-02-26 18:49
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France who_asked
But geographically most of russian players were born in the European part tho
2021-02-26 18:51
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most of russia's land area is in asia. even if they are born in a geographic section of russia that is supposedly european for some reason doesnt mean they are born in europe. you dont consider someone born in istanbul as european do you?
2021-02-26 18:57
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France who_asked
I think you should've better add CIS as another region to stop this discussion
2021-02-26 19:00
Europe/Asia is more of a cultural definition, therefore Russia is European.
2021-02-26 19:02
Yes i consider people born in Istanbul to be European. And the land mass argument for Russia is stupid because a majority of the Russian population lives west of Ural mountains which is considered Europe.
2021-03-02 22:15
perk  | 
Finland eIe
Who cars about land area, 77% of Russians live in the European part of Russia
2021-03-02 22:19
so denmark is na country
2021-03-02 22:22
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2021-03-02 22:59
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greenland is a part of northern america and it's bigger than european part of denmark so denmark is na country
2021-03-02 23:02
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stupid comparison, greenland is an autonomous territory it is part of the kingdom of denmark and is not counted as denmark in most scenarios
2021-03-02 23:21
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yet still it is a part of your country
2021-03-03 10:38
Then you are even dumber cus the east side of russia is 99% industries and barely any homes lmao
2021-03-03 10:44
s1mple | 
Russia UM4R
are you retarted? russia is a european country. clown
2021-03-03 12:01
russia is european country you noob
2021-03-02 22:21
Russia is European. The capital of Russia, Moscow, is located west of the Ural mountains and therefore Russia is considered to be European. Because the European continent borders are drawn at the Ural mountains...
2021-03-03 12:35
He isn’t smart. Not the first case when he calls Russia like Asia. He even lost the argument but is still trying to say this nonsense
2021-03-03 10:40
swap vp and spirit rest looks correct
2021-02-26 18:45
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would say spirit has looked better in recent form but its all very close
2021-02-26 22:00
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Spirit get so overrated because of the 16-1. How have they looked better recently? Look at VP's past few tournaments and compare it to spirits
2021-03-02 22:06
Africa. Extra Salt
2021-02-26 18:47
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extra salt only has 2 "africans"
2021-02-26 18:49
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Yeah but they have a Mexican. And an Asian. SO it's majority.
2021-02-26 18:49
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*plurality, needs 3 for a majority
2021-02-26 19:03
I think eg is doing better than furia at the moment
2021-02-26 18:47
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i think furia has more potential tbh
2021-02-26 19:53
yesss thats the same for me
2021-02-26 18:51
In reality, America is not a single region, it is impossible for a Chilean / Argentine to play with a Canadian. Just like the CIS region is not the same as all the rest of Asia ... just like the Oceania teams don't usually play with the Asians
2021-02-26 18:55
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most of the top tier south american teams play and even live in north america thats why i included it in the "americas" region.
2021-02-26 18:58
with this said: NA: Liquid EG Extra Salt/PaiN SA: Sharks 9z/Isurus Paquetá CIS: Spirit NaVi Gambit/Virtus Asia: ViCi Tyloo ZIGMA Oceania: Renegades Order Paradox
2021-02-26 19:03
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What about extremum?
2021-03-02 23:15
France PqSxd
Liquid - Fallen Furia - Art, Vini, Yuurih, Kscerato, Honda and Guerri EG - Zews BR dominated NA Scene.
2021-02-26 19:06
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i guess so
2021-02-26 19:30
2021-02-26 22:01
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whats funny about asia?
2021-02-27 15:20
faze top 1 2022
2021-02-27 20:14
3 replies
2021-02-27 20:40
2 replies
2021-03-02 21:53
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ez bump i guess?
2021-03-02 22:04
2021-03-02 23:18
2021-03-03 00:13
Asia/Cis 1. Navi 2. Gambit 3. Vp 67. Spirit
2021-03-03 00:15
Germany fanok
All time or 2020/2021? All time i would say that Europe : 1. Astralis 2. Vitality 3. Fnatic maybe? Americas : 1. SK 2. Liquid 3. Cloud9 CIS : 1. Virtus.Pro 2.Navi 3. Gambit
2021-03-03 10:49
Russia Desstar
Russia is not Asia. All prices for smartphones, consoles, games, etc. are converted from euros to rubles. We have the same sockets as in Europe. Despite the fact that Russia is the country with the largest population in Europe, in its Asian part there is only one city with a population of over a million. Ever since the founding of Russia, it has often interacted with European countries. I am from the eastern part of Russia of the country and every year I spend my holidays in an Asian country. I have no feeling at all that I live in Asia. The facts are endless. Or do you think that since Russia is not as developed as the rest of Europe, then it does not belong to it?
2021-03-03 11:28
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Russia Feuerbach
Ofc Russia is an European country, but i would like to correct: there are 3 cities with a population of over a million in Asian part – Novosibirsk, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk (all of them are clearly looking eastern-European, not Asian)
2021-03-03 12:20
how is Russia an Asian country just because they colonized Siberia in the 16th and 17th century? that's like saying Spain/Portugal is an American country because they colonized the Americas. Russia's origin and culture is obviously European.
2021-03-03 11:56
Portugal SyruzZ
LUL Gambit > Spirit wtf. Spirit is basically Degster +4
2021-03-03 12:08
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Russia Feuerbach
Maybe Gambit > Spirit rn, but Spirit is not Degster +4 by any means, they were way better than ESPADA (way closer to Degster + 4) and mir is a star player who deserved to be in last year top 20 if only hltv didn't decide to include in it almost full Furia roster for some reason
2021-03-03 12:31
Spirit is highly overrated, VP > Spirit
2021-03-03 12:48
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