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[Strawpoll] Your mouse grip
dupreeh | 
Hong Kong Wisherrrrr 
Come vote mens:))) Just curious
2021-02-27 06:52
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Why no foot option?
2021-02-27 06:53
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Prove it with photo and i'll add
2021-02-27 06:54
2021-02-27 09:19
I like to start slowly with three fingers and as Im in proper gaming mode I like to occasionally take a "death-grip" and really squeeze the mouse shaft. When Im about to finish my gaming session I usually enclose the mouse in my fist and move faster
2021-02-27 06:59
Palm I guess, the most comfortable one
2021-02-27 07:03
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Me too, I just can't get used to claw and fingertip
2021-02-27 07:20
United States ReyCuadrado
relaxed claw grip is the goat
2021-02-27 07:10
damn, how do i force myself from a tip grip to a palm/claw?
2021-02-27 07:15
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It's fine as long as ur not feeling fatigue and ur aiming well
2021-02-27 07:20
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i am tho
2021-02-27 07:21
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Then u can try palm/palm claw, these two are the most comfortable imo
2021-02-27 07:25
relaxed claw aka hybrid gang
2021-02-27 07:17
Belgium Chuckyyyyy
Claw is the best.
2021-02-27 07:20
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Just a question, how hard is ur grip? When Im clawing, i have to death grip (gripping the mouse insanely hard) it to get control, which makes my arm feels tired, once I relax my grip a bit I literally can't control my crosshair
2021-02-27 07:22
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Any claw grippers here help
2021-02-27 07:30
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Finland Eestu
I recently switched to a claw grip after experimenting with different mouse grips and that one felt the most comfortable to me. As for the question, I usually hold my mouse harder with my thumb, ring finger and pinky (not too hard though, just enough so I feel like I can comfortably move it around) than I do with my index - and middle finger. I do this to get more control with the mouse. I also tend to curl up my pinky a bit to get an even steadier grip. After I feel comfortable holding the mouse with my thumb, ring finger and pinky I just place my index - and middle finger on the mouse 1 and - 2 buttons in an "arch"/curl (or whatever you like to call it). I might do some small adjustments to get a comfortable and repeatable grip every time, but that's how I usually hold my mouse.
2021-02-27 09:19
palm, claw hybrid
2021-02-27 07:25
Zywoo - Overlap Palm S1mple - Palm Claw (Basically palm with pinky curled) Device - Palm NiKo - Fingertip claw hybrid Elec - Palm Here are the grips that last year's top 5 players are using
2021-02-27 07:29
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s1mple - relaxed fingertip. maybe u r wrong about others too
2021-02-27 07:45
4 replies Palm in contact with mouse, finger mostly flat and pinky curled, palm claw it is.
2021-02-27 08:38
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its hard to tell if palm is in contact in this pic. Relaxed fingertip looks like palm, but its not. I have the same grip. In fact look at any other pic of s1mple and u will see clearly that palm is not touching mouse.
2021-02-27 08:45
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From those pictures yes, I think it's a blend of grips, he doesn't have his whole palm on the mouse, only the front part of the palm, I share a very similar grip with him, but I will still consider my grip palm or palm claw, because I believe that the definition of fingertip grip is only having the tip of the fingers in contact with the mouse.
2021-02-27 08:51
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>the definition of fingertip grip is only having the tip of the fingers in contact with the mouse. Its claw-fingertip. When only tips on the mouse and it looks like a claw. I think Scream uses it. S1mple uses relaxed fingertip where your fingers can rest on mouse1 and mouse2, but palm is not touching mouse, so u can pull down mouse with fingers to spray control etc.
2021-02-27 08:55
How do people even do claw and why lol
2021-02-27 07:32
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IDK man, i used to do that but then i realised that palm grip is much more comfortable
2021-02-27 07:35
I just can't aim with palm properly, especially up and down movements suck for me and with a claw slightly blended with fingertip it's just easier for me.
2021-02-27 09:01
palm for comfort
2021-02-27 07:34
Argentina atriX^
To be honest I'm not sure what I have. It's like a fingertip grip but my hand touches the lower back of the mouse (and the table) and my knuckles are angled upwards leaving some untouched space at the top of the mouse. I guess I would be a fingertip hybrid.
2021-02-27 08:52
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