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Logitech G Pro Superlight Wireless
France MbappeGOAT 
Is it a good mouse for small hands ? If not what are the best mice for small hand ? (400 dpi 1.85 sens currently with Zowie EC2-A)
2021-02-27 08:08
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yeah its a solid mouse for small hands but EC shape >>>>>>>> gpw shape imo I think vaxee are making a better version of the EC series lemme check real quick Yeah the ZYGEN NP-01 is literally a better version of the EC2, when you could easily buy it you should go with that
2021-02-27 08:12
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So I shouldn't go for the Logitech one ? Everybody saying it has the best sensor on the market and it's so light it feels good to have in hand
2021-02-27 08:15
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sensors are irrelevant in nowadays market. every modern sensor is virtually the same and you should focus on the shape and weight.
2021-02-27 08:40
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But why is he saying that the EC shape is better than Logitech G Pro shape for small hands ?
2021-02-27 08:41
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Go to physical mouse stores, put ur hand on the superlight, and you can instantly know whether you like it or not.
2021-02-27 08:43
it's personal preference
2021-02-27 08:47
Rather save some money and get the normal version but GPW is a bar of soap. Mice that come to my mind: MM711 (u have to be lucky to get a good version) Endgame Gear XM1r (probably my favorite) Razer Viper Mini MM720 G203/305 Why don't you like your current mouse?
2021-02-27 08:18
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Idk i've had it for a long time it's time for a change now and maybe try wireless.
2021-02-27 08:20
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Do you palm grip? If yes there hardly are any better shapes than ec series, if you just want a wireless ec2 you can get a Pwnage ultra custom
2021-02-27 08:23
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I'm not sure but yeah it looks like I'm palm gripping
2021-02-27 08:24
It's usually good for small hands, but it's all preference. The only way to find out is to try it. If you don't like the feel it has good resell value. It's a great mouse, and if you like the fit, you'll be glad you spent the money on it.
2021-02-27 08:24
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Apparently it has 2.3 cm more height than the EC2-A, do you think it will be an issue for small hands ?
2021-02-27 08:26
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They are 40mm high, both of them, so the same 🙂 The mouse is fine for most small hands, but remember all mice are all about preference. You might love it, you might not.
2021-02-27 12:33
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Ok tyvm I will get it, time for a change I'm bored of my EC2-A
2021-02-27 12:41
Finland Mibrdisband
Decent mouse, but like always the quality of logitech is just shitty.
2021-02-27 08:34
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How so ? I had problems with my Zowie EC2-A too my right click was always doing double click
2021-02-27 08:41
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Double clicks, disconnecting problem resulting as mouse lag.
2021-02-28 20:41
If you have small hands you can palm it, it has a safe shape so basically any grip will work. If ur looking for a budget opinion, I recommend the hyperx pulsefire haste, absolutely amazing mouse.
2021-02-27 08:44
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I think I will buy it mens)) it seems like the best wireless mouse out there
2021-02-27 08:45
2021-02-27 12:36
Have gpw but except weight reduction they are actually the same. I am 165 cm dwarf so I think my hands are small and fit perfectly for my gpw so yeah its decent for small hands.
2021-02-27 12:40
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I'm 180 cm but still got small'ish hands lol
2021-02-27 12:41
I got Razer Viper Ultimate and would never go wired again lol. Tried GPW also top tier but buttons-wise i prefered Razer.
2021-02-27 12:46
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for sure wireless+60grams this mouse looks so sick even tho it's very expensive I think it's worth
2021-02-27 12:47
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Shape > sensor, weight, looks You can also try Vaxee Ouset AX. Its basically updated EC2
2021-02-27 12:55
Europe YankeeM
wtf I'm buying superlight today because I also had ec2a for a long time wtf is this an alternative reality
2021-02-27 12:51
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2021-02-27 13:09
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Europe YankeeM
got it an hour ago, the shape is very diff and it feels but I already like it more.
2021-02-27 17:11
Switching from an ergo mouse like ec2-a will take a day or two to get used to the symetric shape of an ambi mouse. Also not having the cable keeping the mouse pointing froward also takes some time to get used to. And dont worry about it being light weight. The lighter it is, the better. No such a thing as "i prefer heavy mouse for more control", thats total bs. It is slightly bigger than ec2-a but not by alot. This is just my experience coming from someone who before GPW owned EC1-A,EC-2A and S1. The GPW feels awkward and too small to palm grip for a 19x11 cm hand so i had to adapt to fingertip. If you are in doubts about what to buy refer to There is a video tutorial if you scroll down that will show you how to use this tool. I've heard good things about Razer Viper Ultimate also. Very similar to GPW + extra features that you would have to pay extra money to get with your GPW
2021-02-27 17:35
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