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you really still crying over this shit? damn you must have really gone all in on Liquid
2021-02-28 01:28
2021-02-28 01:28
Ok man I was support Liquid but you gotta chill
2021-02-28 01:28
Russia AliasNamer
Cry. Is. Free.
2021-02-28 01:43
Canada hepditch19
I think everyone underestimates teams like VP and Gambit because we don't see them play a lot. I think they just bootcamp really hard. Because of all their practice they overtake everyone ez
2021-02-28 01:44
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Canada Cloutless
CIS is just a crazy good region Imo probably the best, at least right now.
2021-02-28 01:47
United States weaboo
No they are shit t3 suddenly good in online. They will be shit t3 again soon
2021-02-28 01:49
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Sure the results would be different
2021-02-28 14:50
a brazilian joined liquid and now everyone is claiming cheats whenever they lose :(( I miss the old fanbase
2021-02-28 01:58
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For rhem leaf was a cheater so imagine when they see YEKINDAR lmao
2021-02-28 02:03
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