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How to get better and CS
United States ^name^ 
Watch these guys: Voo_csgo - best for getting better, and fixing your mistakes, best channel out there Elmapuddy - Breaks down pros, good for learning pro habits and thinkings mfknbruno - Good for fixing your mistakes (got you bro) Hawka - Similar to Elmapuddy Mahone_tv - Best for upcoming teams trying to learn pro execs and setups If you want to get better watch these guys, especially voo, watch all of voo's videos. Honorable Mentions: Furiouss aim trainer video - Personal experience, it's the only method that has gotten me good aim, but you could develop shaky aim. Launders - sometimes he can be a hit or miss, but can break down pros demos
2021-02-28 03:46
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Asia Blitzer
2021-02-28 03:47
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agreed +1
2021-02-28 03:48
Germany kekeke_
thanks now i can finally get global elite 2 rank
2021-02-28 03:47
A better list actually made by my good friend discodiplan:
2021-02-28 03:49
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yeah, never seen zorla, will check him out
2021-02-28 03:53
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