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Kazakhstan sunlightyaay 
deserved to be kicked?
2021-02-28 16:39
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Albania Zhurma
imo issaa shouldve been kicked first then nbk
2021-02-28 16:40
if u read the article they were having internal problems and he and aleksib had differents views of the game, so yes
2021-02-28 16:40
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2021-02-28 16:40
Most HLTV'ers* can't read, don't bother
2021-02-28 16:45
Germany R1AN
2021-02-28 16:42
yes, NBK deserves a better team
2021-02-28 16:44
It looks like he wants to be the IGL more than anything else so any team that signs him (if somebody actually signs him) has to make him the IGL or else there will be trouble.
2021-02-28 16:45
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
yes he should go to ldlc now
2021-02-28 16:47
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