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Germany VERYGERMANGUY From this to what we have rn Delete this and ban me if you feel like it but that’s just dictatorship
2021-02-28 17:00
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2021-02-28 17:01
Australia B_Tannen
Astralis PR now.
2021-02-28 17:01
Poland TaZ_is_bald
who car cuz i not ps dont ban im friendly
2021-02-28 17:03
its hard to imagine a conversation without the words like favela, 0/8 and all other hltv memes. There was a time when everyone knew what right behavior was.
2021-02-28 17:08
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I dug down to read 2006’s forums and to think that the youngest of those people would be 30 rn is insane
2021-02-28 17:11
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csgo is such an awesome game. It has lived for so long with a constant fan base. Hltv is also an awesome website to be honest. Very minimalistic, very statistics based. You can explore topics from 2006 and track the trajectories of users, players and moderators. And yes, being 30 myself, I can guarantee time has been moving real fast :D
2021-02-28 17:17
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Damn I’m 17 It gets hard huh?
2021-02-28 17:17
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Not hard tbh. Priorities shift. Family becomes important and making money/good career is utmost priority. I am still level 5 at faceit, but getting good at gaming is no longer a priority. However I do end up playing csgo maybe 10 hrs every 2 week, which keeps me interested in the scene. I guess i just love csgo.
2021-02-28 17:23
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Do you miss being young? Or like yeah idk man
2021-02-28 17:25
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Naah man. Being young is just a state of mind. Just need little more focus on health after 30. You are going to 'miss' being young if you destroyed your health drinking and smoking. Money is good and steady and you can start putting serious money into investments.
2021-02-28 17:31
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Righto thanks man :) have a good day
2021-02-28 17:34
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you too brother.
2021-02-28 17:35
edgy kids from betting websites happened
2021-02-28 17:13
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Ikr bettors were so nice back in the day
2021-02-28 17:18
i spit on ur bets man
2021-03-07 15:02
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