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USA | 
United States Bunker_Boy 
to buy RMR capsules and "HODL"
2021-02-28 23:09
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flamie | 
Serbia LtN))
2021-02-28 23:11
Opened like 20 of each to try and get good stickers I got 1 and it was fucking gold Espada
2021-02-28 23:15
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Wtf espada bestest
2021-03-01 01:07
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Yes nice logo but low price =( I think literally all other than OG gold are more expensive but it does look nice and low quantity should make it rarer later on I hope
2021-03-01 01:21
will the price of the capsules increase?
2021-03-01 01:13
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Probably but not for a long few years, honestly more chance of the game dying before large profit from them
2021-03-01 01:19
surely gonna increase in long term, but you need to wait 2-3 years to get best profit
2021-03-01 01:21
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