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EliGE | 
Estonia realmens 
It's true that he is clowning on twitter, but like he mega baited a lot of idiots Tbh looking idiot is way worse that looking a clown so probably Thorin > those COD semi-mens
2021-03-02 02:04
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2021-03-02 02:05
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France poulpup
2021-03-02 05:22
United States IdolaMochi
Honestly im impressed by how he managed to trigger the whole COD community in an hour, he really is the goat baiter
2021-03-02 02:05
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this is why he is my flair
2021-03-02 02:06
United States LULW___KEKW
+1 Imagine if the universe blessed us with Thorin on HLTV.
2021-03-02 02:11
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god would it be funny, so many people would fall for his baits lmfao
2021-03-02 02:13
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
he learned on HLTV Bait School
2021-03-02 02:12
So you’re saying Thorin goes up from being an idiot to being a clown because he baits people. Oke good for Thorin Send him your thread and see how much he cars. Still an insane baiter, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was jonty just baiting us all these years
2021-03-02 02:07
United States 1nverse
best baiter of all time
2021-03-02 02:06
almost top 10 trending in canada, and they cant even see the bait
2021-03-02 02:07
imagine being pushing 40 and having ur greatest achievement be being a twitter troll, what a nightmare
2021-03-02 02:08
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imagine being so stupid that you can't even do proper research on somebody you trashtalk.
2021-03-02 02:12
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Flag checks out I think there are chicken porn videos with thorin face added on using Paint in Brazil, so he probably only knows him from these videos He just rekts them so hard
2021-03-02 02:19
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2021-03-02 02:41
proper research? dude literally wrote that on twitter "he's coldzera and you're shara" once imagine defending this tool
2021-03-02 22:19
Cyprus galaxyv2
everyone calling a thorin a baiter lol, thorin literally has Aspergers, he is mentally and medically incapable of baiting
2021-03-02 02:10
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Albania Zhurma
doesnt that make him the best baiter tho, since he can't bait
2021-03-02 02:44
Finland Inved
it's still hilarious though
2021-03-02 02:52
hahaha the guy managed to hit trending in murica lmao
2021-03-02 02:50
2021-03-02 02:53
this ginger guy is just stupid not baiter lol
2021-03-02 02:59
France poulpup
link ?
2021-03-02 05:24
????? Reply needs.... ZZZZZ
2021-03-02 22:22
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