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online test cheating
Finland Maneezmo334 
how are tests in your college? Everybody keeps copying in online tests so I have to drop hard courses just so my GPA doesn't fall off too hard, now I have to work much harder in offline sems. just to maintain a decent GPA.
2021-03-02 17:40
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Don't worry, they are just fooling themselves :)
2021-03-02 17:41
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This is so accurate
2021-03-02 18:16
if it works, it works. 90% of what u learn u will forget within a month anyway
2021-03-02 18:27
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Slovakia depresia
more like 99% and a day or two but ye u got the point
2021-03-02 18:30
dont underestimate ur mind bro. many things u learned in school, even if it was like 5th grade or sth like that, is still in ur brain. like small shit as pythagoras, grammar or even some different language words. of course, there are many things, that u wont need in ur life, but studying in school or university keeps ur mind working. dont be a 9 to 5 worker, who comes home and starts watching tv. thats no progession.
2021-03-02 18:50
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90% of people who have a uni degree are actually 9 to 5 workers so whats your point?
2021-03-02 18:52
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dont be one of the 90%. and actually, this is wrong. 5 hours a day is common, if u dont want to die with like 500k on ur bank account. 90% of the ppl think, that earning much money, while working 24/7 is a nice life. but it isnt. just work so much, that u can afford ur lifestyle and everything is ok.
2021-03-02 18:58
but if t is just to keep our mind working why not give us a job already? at least we gain experiece that is actually usefull and we get salarie as bonus
2021-03-02 19:20
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because u need to qualify urself. learning the shit in school is ok. but if u are dedicated to learn something and get only A's, then the company see's, that u do anything for the job. thats, why u have grades.
2021-03-02 20:05
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ik but literally thats the only thing that exist for u studie useless things nobody cares and in case u good at memorizing stuff u can get better salaries thats getting a job in a nutshell
2021-03-02 20:08
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thats, why u are going to university, to study more stuff, that u like, to get a job, that u really want.
2021-03-02 20:09
i dont remember anything from 1-10th grade wtf :(
2021-03-02 19:24
Ah yes, because being able to recite the Pythagoras theorem from middle school will set me up for success
2021-03-02 21:50
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beeing able to shittalk on everyone and everything will set u up for success.
2021-03-04 07:37
2021-03-02 20:08
lmao thats what losers typically say
2021-03-02 18:35
Austria MisterMand
like all the politicians who bought a ghostwriter for their phd did? :)
2021-03-02 18:41
holy cope
2021-03-02 20:08
it depends , if its a subject i dont care about why the hell would i even learn ? If its something i need then yea i agree with you , you need to study
2021-03-02 20:32
Who tf doesn’t cheat. I thought everyone did
2021-03-02 17:43
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losers cheat 😎
2021-03-02 17:45
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s1mple | 
Russia UM4R
InfamousJD isn't a loser, actually he is part of the small minority on this site which actually have a brain
2021-03-02 18:19
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I beg to differ
2021-03-02 18:39
the opposite :P
2021-03-02 18:35
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nt cheater, probably spinbot in cs too 😎
2021-03-02 18:39
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haha now that i think about it.... nahh cheating in cs go is much much worse,i'm a man of principles,and i would never do such thing that could harm others cheating at some bs test that requires you to learn useless stuff doesnt harm anyone
2021-03-02 18:51
Brazil pooternd
last year i cheat so much, ez year of my life, just cheat dude, unless you really like studying to tests
2021-03-02 17:49
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I can just about sympathise with ppl who cheat at school, but why the fuck would you cheat at uni? You chose to do your course, so learn the content to become a competent professional
2021-03-02 18:15
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United States syrup_god
here people just cheat on the general education stuff, like math and english, that you would take in school anyway that you need to get done before you can take courses for your degree
2021-03-02 18:17
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Yeah in USA ppl who fail in middle/high school repeat the year right? It’s the same in BR. Some people just want to get out of that place, I can kind of understand that
2021-03-02 18:29
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United States syrup_god
nah i mean like in uni you have to take a certain number of specific classes that don't relate to your degree, so people cheat on those and then actually pay attention in what they want to study
2021-03-02 21:46
United States Magma_44
nah in college in the US they make you retake classes that you took in high school, even if you pass. I had to take chemistry even though it's not in my major and i got a 96% in high school
2021-03-04 07:45
At my university every exam is online atm, so they just make it harder and reduce the time we have, to compensate for the fact we have the internet :/
2021-03-02 17:50
Haven't attended Online Conference in 2-3 Weeks, my GPA is so good probably...
2021-03-02 17:51
arT | 
Brazil dandeco
At my Uni they cancelled all the tests during this online period. They are evaluating students with presentation of seminars and group work 🤡
2021-03-02 18:22
Truth will come through anyway.
2021-03-02 18:27
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idk but so far it seems its never the case what you learn you can throw out the next day of the exam well unless you study STEM,then yeah cheating is dumb
2021-03-02 18:37
Pakistan LoOuU2
Had my last semester online, couldn't understand shit that was being taught in the Teams meetings. Luckily exams were online too so internet at our disposal as well as each other in contact. Got my gradesheet today, 3.57 GPA. Highest I am ever gonna get in Uni LUL.
2021-03-02 18:47
United States PP_Bizon
People who cheat might one day get fucked for it, likely not though
2021-03-02 19:23
Can't wait to get a surgery by someone who cheated their way through med school
2021-03-02 19:42
4 replies engineers when they graduate from online
2021-03-02 20:09
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2021-03-02 21:42
United States Americah!
2021-03-02 21:43
lol I am med student xd 1 exam left and im gg
2021-03-04 07:38
At our uni, they allow us to use the books/ internet as reference, then they set the questions and the time allotted accordingly so basically, you cant really cheat that well if u dont atleast pay attention during lectures
2021-03-02 20:12
uni is braindead ez
2021-03-02 20:34
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