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Aerial and xseven
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Asia 0verrated 
I know they were not the best fraggers in ence but it’s sad how they are cucked back to t2. hope they can find success in havu
2021-03-03 21:10
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perk  | 
Finland eIe
Havu best team in Finland
2021-03-03 21:12
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2021-03-03 21:20
2021-03-03 21:22
havu is doing great recently, they really have potential
2021-03-03 21:13
hoping they can pick up ottond and sergej in the future, that lineup would bang
2021-03-03 21:15
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2021-03-03 21:16
Sergej would be good but I think that it doesn’t matter if AWPer in HAVU is either ZOREE or OttoNd
2021-03-03 21:17
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He has been individually off. maybe a new team will bring new motivation. worth taking a chance
2021-03-03 21:19
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Europe letqpena
I'm concerned if he'll get back on the stride after his mandatory service. Might be better, might stay the same, might never recover to his peak level.
2021-03-03 21:24
he went from #13 in 2019 to nowhere near top 20 in 2020, all because aleksi got kicked. Sergej needs a good IGL to be a top tier player imo.
2021-03-03 21:29
yeah, just so far this year zoree hasn't been as impactful and i feel like ottond would be an upgrade
2021-03-03 21:20
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Europe letqpena
+1 zoree is in a slump. Can deliver but very inconsistently.
2021-03-03 21:25
Why do you feel sad for them? They are playing on the best Finnish team
2021-03-03 21:26
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But they’re not competing in t1 like they used to back in 2019. 1 yr career in t1 is just sad
2021-03-03 21:32
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