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dating sites
Poland humen)))) 
Have you ever tried ? I'm asking because I'm kinda afraid of who I can meet, not sure if worth wasting my time?
2021-03-03 22:56
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dating sites are cringe
2021-03-03 22:56
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
HLTV is great for that I heard
2021-03-03 22:56
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Yes mens))
2021-03-03 22:57
Poland humen))))
no hot chicks on hltv))
2021-03-03 22:58
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Lots of hot mens))
2021-03-03 23:09
2021-03-03 23:09
2021-03-03 23:53
ropz | 
Netherlands ONGix
Every site is a dating site if you're brave enough
2021-03-03 22:56
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Finland Eestu
2021-03-03 23:00
Netherlands BigBoyTies
start a dating thread
2021-03-03 22:58
NiKo | 
Serbia Krosis
People on dating sites are low quality, tho that is only relevant if you are looking for something serious
2021-03-03 23:01
2021-03-03 23:05
Well, I met like 8-10 girls from badoo and tinder last summer, two of them were very nice personalities and pretty cute. The main thing is you better don't wait till you'll match someone, you just write first if girl left her insta or other contacts on her profile.
2021-03-03 23:09
Date sites are ureliable
2021-03-03 23:12
I tried recently for the first time and everything I already knew about these apps I confirmed. It's filled with a lot of unattractive women, overweight, and single moms who are delusional and think they are hot and demand the other guy to meet all their criteria while saying dumb shit like "my kids and dogs will always come before you". Like no lmao. And 99% of them will basically expect guys to entertain them and make all the effort. The fact I've had success with actually hot chicks IRL and had ugly/mediocre looking girls on apps message with boring ass one word messages expecting me to keep the conversation alive. Again, NOPE. Plus one of the most exciting parts about a relationship is in the early stages, when you don't know 100% know if the other person is into you, and there is a lot of flirting which you slowly ramp up based on the girls response. And when you know they're into you but you guys are still not fully established or have gone to a date and you slowly become close friends until one of u eventually breaks and makes the first move. All of that goes out the window in dating apps because the moment u message someone, it establishes by default that you're automatically into the other person and you have to earn their attention.
2021-03-03 23:46
dating sites are scam!
2021-03-03 23:53
its lottery dude. If u lucky enough, u can find the that one, if not, so is not... :D end of the day u will nothing to lose.
2021-03-03 23:54
2021-03-04 00:00
Argentina nokkiii
just try irl even ugliest girls have 30 guys behind them tryingto clap her cheeks... ONLINE not worth it LAN is better
2021-03-04 00:02
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Brazil HazzyS
great analogy argentinian men))))))
2021-03-04 00:11
Hello, im looking for HLTV gamer girl autist, pls reply
2021-03-04 00:03
It can be fun, but also real frustrating. Be honest, but also remember that everyone will be presenting their best qualities and downplaying or even hiding the not so good ones. Some may even lie.
2021-03-04 00:08
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