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best meme song ?
AmaNEk | 
Peru SharlLegrerg 
best songs u discover bc of meme but u genuinely enjoy? running in the 90's emotional prism (japanese city pop basically xd,i t was used for bois locker room meme) dancin (ricardo milos) the a la mente (phoon) renai circulation / step mio honda (weeb stuff but i cant say i dont like the songs)
2021-03-04 05:13
Topics are hidden when running Sport mode. this is sorta of a meme? idk
2021-03-04 05:14
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Definitely qualifies and its a good one
2021-03-04 05:30
yes it counts but its not rlly my style it not bad tho, i can see why people like !
2021-03-04 05:38
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very nice !
2021-03-04 05:39
Iceland caverat
this (the link's history) is the father of all other meme song
2021-03-04 06:51
North America pkheat people memed on lil ugly mane for his name and later decided to check him out. great producer
2021-03-04 05:22
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slaps but im only into mainstream hip hop/rap sorry !
2021-03-04 05:41 Onde this shit goes into your head, it can't be put out
2021-03-04 05:24
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yes it slaps and very catchy ! i wont listen to it bc i dont wanna be hearing this in my head all day
2021-03-04 05:42
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very nice ! tbh sometimes i dont understand why certain songs become meme, and this is one of them it like some songs become memes because of how good/how big of a hit they were
2021-03-04 05:44
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United States gtmaniacmda
i mean a lot of them are enjoyable, of the top of my head I can think of Spanish Flea and the Bugsnax song
2021-03-04 05:31
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i didnt know or didnt remember the name of that one song was spanish flea, very nice lol with bugsnax song do u mean this ? i didnt know this was meme
2021-03-04 05:59
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yes I mean that it isn't used in memes, but it like the song of Bugsnax, which is a meme, therefore making the song a meme
2021-03-04 06:11
2021-03-04 05:32
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this song is... an experience i was half expecting it to be some sort of Maniac (micahel sembello) parody or sample but it was nothing like that and the lyrics are some doomer stuff maybe if i ever try drugs i listen to this song !
2021-03-04 05:47
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in the words of a wise man, ok
2021-03-04 06:13
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very wise indeed mens)
2021-03-04 06:13
Never Meant by American Football and The Last Stand by Sabaton. I knew those before they were memes but I'm glad they got some good recognition.
2021-03-04 05:39
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wow i had never heard of these 2 songs or the memes until i read ur reply ! i looked up a few of the never meant memes and there were some funny ones tho if i saw too many i'd probably get bored. the song isnt too bad but i probably need to listen to it more to get used to it. the last stand i guess became a meme because it's a christian metal song? it is quite interesting for sure!
2021-03-04 05:56
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haha this one i dont like too much but only because it's been used in many many memes on its own it's not too bad !
2021-03-04 05:50
2021-03-04 05:43
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Russia VelsVivard
This one can't be beaten. Actually well performed and never intended as meme. Well, maybe Rickey has a saying.
2021-03-04 05:46
ah ofc the OG ! how could i forget? very very nice
2021-03-04 05:48
2021-03-04 05:56
ropz | 
India icle
the wide putin meme is shit but the music in that is really good
2021-03-04 05:51
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ah yes song for denise !!! very good i listen to it every now and then. totally forgot about it
2021-03-04 05:56
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slaps for sure but for some reason i dont feel like listening to the whole 8 and a half minutes of it rn, later i will.
2021-03-04 06:01
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3 minutes is enough, I actually prefer to listen for the cut version :)
2021-03-04 06:04
this also became a meme off of jojo too, jojo has many meme songs.
2021-03-04 06:35
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I think this song was meme before JoJo was popular
2021-03-04 06:40
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the most common usage of this song the "to be continued" meme originated from jojo, I wasn't aware of any other memes using this song, but it could have been IDK.
2021-03-04 07:30
not a lot of people actually knew where the meme came from though, I was one of those people until I watched the show. I had no idea what shit I was getting myself into.
2021-03-04 07:31 23113456523/8 (mouse cursor syncs with the beat)
2021-03-04 06:11
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sorry for NA brain but what meme this from? Kevin Macleod god ofc
2021-03-04 06:15
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i saw this beat in clash of clans funny moments video
2021-03-04 08:36
+1 This is GOLD soundtrack for chase scenes HAHAHAH
2021-03-04 17:54
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well said
2021-03-04 18:32
Indonesia whyt0b I love his other songs so much too, he's doing great
2021-03-04 06:13
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2021-03-04 06:33
haha is ok with jojo reference mens soon i will watch jojos and finally the memes will be funny to me (i hope)
2021-03-04 06:43
I do not wish to be horny anymore, i just want to be happy
2021-03-04 06:50
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haha omg i didnt know it was this song ! lol
2021-03-04 06:57
2021-03-04 08:43
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is this tik tok meme? sorry im not aware but that's what the comments seem to say !
2021-03-04 20:55
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I'm not sure but now when you said it I also see alot of tik tok comments so I would suppose it's used there too, like many other songs tik tok takes them :(
2021-03-04 21:05
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haha wtf didnt know that song was on spider man 2 game, but it just fits so well for pizza delivering i guess lol
2021-03-04 20:56 A classic CSGO related one (not really used in memes but the song itself is more of a meme)
2021-03-04 18:02
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ofc is classic ! i didnt include it bc i was expecting someone to comment it quickly nice))
2021-03-04 20:57
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much s1mpler times when we only worried about t-series vs pewds sub battle instead of covid
2021-03-04 20:58
'emotional prism (japanese city pop basically xd,i t was used for bois locker room meme)' cringe
2021-03-04 18:51
Wake me up inside (although i did hear it before, just didn’t listen to it)
2021-03-04 19:42
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yes ! evanescence is really good, i listen to the whole album (the one where bring me to life is) amy lee is god singer !
2021-03-04 20:49
linkin parks first 2 albums
2021-03-04 21:04
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pardon me but how meme?
2021-03-04 21:11
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in the end, numb, crawling, and one step closer is memesongz
2021-03-04 21:48
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eh ok i guess it count definitely good songs regardless but i was wondering about the meme part xd
2021-03-04 21:49
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+1 tho im scared about looking up the lyrics for it lol
2021-03-04 21:11
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they're weird af, don't look for them :D
2021-03-04 21:12
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haha i wont then ! without lyrics this song sure is vibe material
2021-03-04 21:13
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omg darude sandstorm is great too and i forgot all about it haha second song is good but i cant vibe to it(((
2021-03-04 21:17
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you have to be in a mood to listen to only time but it is really calming when you are in that mood
2021-03-04 21:19
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+1 i agree
2021-03-04 21:20
United Kingdom TrueKime This one is for you Sharl
2021-03-06 00:45 Not really used in memes, but the song itself is kind of a meme
2021-03-06 00:56
Spain R1G3L
Yes - Roundabout
2021-03-06 01:08
Bad apple
2021-03-06 03:12
Psychosocial baby of course. Started as a meme but became a masterpiece.
2021-03-06 03:14
darude - sandstorm
2021-03-06 03:27
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