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CSGO Fight Tournament
Argentina matebad 
Hello hltv mens, Welcome to the first instalment of the First Global Offensive Pros's Fight Invitational Tournament, where the best and former best players in the world will be facing on this glorious arena ( in Roma, Italy, in a hard fought battle, single elimination format where they will fight for ultimate supremacy for the title of best fighter in the csgo scene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How will the winner be decided? The winner will be decided by you, the average Dj who earns 32/km a month and has a hot italian girlfriend. You will decide who will win by explaining how each fighter will overcome their bracket in order to achieve glory. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Bracket: This tournament will be single elimination BO1. 1st Battle: XANTARES VS JW 2nd Battle: FalleN VS s1mple 3rd Battle: coldzera VS NiKo 4th Battle: blameF VS Snax The winner of the 1st match will face the winner of the 3rd one and the winner of the 2nd match will face the winner of the 4th battle. The winner of the 1st VS 3rd battle winners will face the winner of the 2nd VS 4th battle winners in an epic grandfinal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The competitors: Here i will be detailing each competitors Weapons, Normal, Passive and Most Powerful abilities (this one will load every 90 seconds). Decide who should win and way! ----- s1mple HealthPoints: 200 Weapons: Skinny Arms - Each punch deals 25 damage and he can use them every 0,5 seconds Passive Ability: Unpredictable Agresiveness - s1mple can go from fighting reactively to being in the opponents face in a matter of seconds in no apparent pattern. Ability 1: Baiting - Cooldown: 15s - s1mple brings flamie's and perfecto's clones to use as baits, which can give him opportunities to fall back or use as a distraction to attack. Both clones have low hp so it makes them easy to eliminate. Ability 2: Why you bully me? - Cooldown: Ultimate Ability: Flick of the Wrist - With this ability s1mple has 6 extremely fast punches in one second, individually they don't do a lot of damage (33 each punch) but if most of them hit they can take down most of the opponents. ----- XANTARES HealthPoints: 225 Weapons: Fat Arms - Each punch deals 10 damage and he can use them every 0,2 seconds Passive Ability: SuperSpeed - Able to run very fast as well as reacting extremely quickly to attack, being able to avoid attacks from much stronger opponnents. Ability 1: Kebab - Cooldown: 30s - XANTARES can eat a kebab mid match which will make him able to regain 100 hp. Ability 2: Ak47 - Cooldown: 15s - The turkish god is able to summon an ak47 with 10 bullets which can deal a total of 120 points of damage, but this ability has a 1.5x longer cooldown and does 0.5x the damage every time he is on a deeper playoff match. Ability 3: Nice words in Turkish - Cooldown: 22s - With this ability the onliner god is able to nice words in turkish that will stun the enemy for 2 seconds and deal 10 hp damage. This ability doesn't work outside of the first round Ultimate Ability: XANTARESPEEK - XANTARES is able to lauch a super strong punch (150hp damage) at 0,01seconds but needs to charge it for 5 seconds. ----- Snax HealthPoints: 700 Weapons: Moobs - They can slap the enemy every 2 seconds and deal 70 points of damage Passive Ability: 2.01mts, able to tower any other opponent and make them feel scared at LAN. Ability 1: Skeany Beaky - Cooldown: 25s - Snax is able to gain invisibility for 10 seconds and surprise most oponnents Ability 2: Mercedez - Cooldown: 10s - If the enemy has a good, Snax will get angry and attack them with 1.3x more strength Ultimate Ability: CHADNESS - This ability makes him able to scare most of the opponnents and make them unable to attack for 8 seconds ----- Fallen HealthPoints: 175 Weapons: Twitter - Everytime he tweets something negative about the opponnent (each 10 seconds) the enemy's twitter account get filled with angry toxic brazilians fans which deals 80 points of damage. Passive Ability: Ability 1: Cheap Headphones - Cooldown: 8s - Gabriels throws a cheap headphone which costs $40000 dolars to the opponnent, causing 60 hp loss. Ultimate Ability; TWOFACED - Fallen is able to trick his enemy (unless he is someone strongminded) into believing his lies for 10 seconds, giving him time to attack him. ----- JW HealthPoints: 450 Weapons: Greasy Hands - Not a lot of damage (15 points each punch every 2 seconds) but everytime it hits it slows the enemy by 0.1x Passive Ability: Unluko Maluko - Jesper is able from time to time randomly have a strong punch that deals 150 points of damage, even though it is extremely rare and it happens around once every 30 tries. Ability 1: Charge - Cooldown: 10s - JW charges for 6 mts at fast speed doing 60 damage. Ultimate Ability: You are good but not best (JW best) - JW becomes unvulnerable for 5 and has a 1/7 chance to land the UNLUKO MALUKO PUNCH, but he is slowed down by 70% percent ----- coldzera HealthPoints: 160 Weapons: Knife (each stab produces 80 damage but can only knife every 6 seconds) Passive Ability: Confidence - GODZERA is able to 1.5x damage everytime he has less than 75hp Ability 1: BRAZILIAN COLDZERA - Cooldown: 15s - With this ability cold raises his hp to 300 points for 7 seconds Ability 2: JUMPING DOUBLE - Cooldown: 20s - Coldzera can jump very high and shoot with the AVP, dealing 150 damage. This ability slows down cold by 80% once it ends. Ultimate Ability: VOCE É FRACO - Baitzera summons Taco as a bait to cover for him. This also increases his resistance to toxic ukranians by 70% ----- blameF HealthPoints: 600 Weapons: Those two BIG GUNS - baitF can punch at 120 damage every 3 seconds Passive Ability: Baits- Each time he attacks he will summon a clone of his as his bait Ultimate Ability: Earthquake - Blamef punches the ground, which pushes the opponnet to the sky unless they have >400hp and deals 80 damage and stops them for 4 seconds. ----- NiKo HealthPoints: 225 Weapons: One taps - NIKOLA can use the deagle to do 60hp damage every 2 seconds and also punch every 2 second and deal 25 hp damage Ability 1: Choke - Cooldown: 20s - like him in finals, niko can make his enemies choke for 5 second and in every second he deals 15 damage. Ultimate Ability: Kick - Niko can his oponnent for 20 seconds, giving him time to think of strat even though he has no plans as to who to bring as an igl (fuck youNiKo)
2021-03-04 23:00
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