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official valve dm sucks
Finland Ripulihomohuorasaatan 
everyone playing with awp, impossible to play with any other gun in there. also too many players in a single server. and worst of all you cant even kill everyone you see. sometimes I only see my "teammates" and dont get a single kill until I die by by a fucking awp. after ive completed the mission to get kills on deathmatch dust 2 I will never touch valve dm again
2021-03-04 23:13
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2021-03-04 23:14
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2021-03-10 09:28
Jordan Zereeni
why would anyone play valve dm lol, i would only play it for challenges
2021-03-04 23:15
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Sometimes when a community server is VIP only or full and I cant be bothered searching for others I just go Valve DM I imagine a few others do the same Its straight up trash though, weapons are limited to CT/T, cant kill everyone, theres no option for HS only other than console commands that dont work half the time etc etc
2021-03-04 23:17
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Too hard to go to website and click on another?
2021-03-10 08:37
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>cant be bothered
2021-03-10 09:16
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Takes less time then clicking on dm and waiting to fine a server
2021-03-10 09:42
imagine training aim in valve DM
2021-03-10 08:59
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you dont no one improves on Valve DM you all just collectively get worse
2021-03-10 09:16
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+1 yes mens
2021-03-10 09:17
2021-03-10 09:29
you clearly never played community dm lmao
2021-03-04 23:16
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I play only hsdm
2021-03-10 08:22
ZywOo | 
Turkey chewwy
If you are awp player you should play on this cuz so much silver rushing with p90 and you can training on them.
2021-03-04 23:20
no shit sherlock
2021-03-04 23:21
no one cares keep coping if you dont like it dont play it valve's dms > community trash servers
2021-03-04 23:22
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2021-03-10 08:23
Germany BlastingDoc
Bro how do you even get killed by awps? They all play like trash. The only way I die there is by receiving random ak spray damage over time.
2021-03-04 23:22
imagine dying to silvers in 64tick dm LUL
2021-03-04 23:22
Andorra _VetriX
2021-03-10 08:24
All Valve servers sucks 64 ticks men)
2021-03-10 08:27
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Ukraine Dert_
0 difference
2021-03-10 09:03
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2021-03-10 09:29
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Ukraine Dert_
2021-03-10 09:50
Best dm you can actually have No competition actually Dropping 50-60 here in half of games
2021-03-10 08:35
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wow such great aim training against silvers who can't even shoot, you are so good dude!
2021-03-10 09:05
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Against silvers Who cant shoot I met them at any competetive Mode with hax on, so it doesnt matter how bad or good i am actually
2021-03-11 20:36
Europe rust1c
2021-03-10 09:03
Ive stopped playing valve DMs cause its shit. Too much players, awp abusers, dumb respawns. I can get extremly angry on those DMs :D.... I usually play DM with max of 14 hardest bots and its enough to calibrate your arm to shoots those heads :)
2021-03-10 09:07
Nt, you are just bad
2021-03-10 09:12
Finland Grograman
2021-03-10 09:13
Sherlock fucking holmes here
2021-03-10 09:14
if u use awp in dm ur moms a hoe
2021-03-10 09:16
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Czech Republic Hoja26
2021-03-10 09:29
Only thing I like more is the teams. Hate community dm with 18 players and everyone is enemy.
2021-03-10 09:26
Denmark Haibara
+1 The spawn protection is so dumb. Dude just stand there and shoot after you used your magazine. It is just annoying
2021-03-10 09:49
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