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Possibilities for G2
Portugal random_boards 
They have a number of possibilities if they intend on getting an AWPer and not a rifler. Free agents they could get: Woxic, GuardiaN, MSL (possible IGL switch if so desired), ottoNd People they SHOULD aqquire: MSL (If they want to change the IGL), CeRq, mantuu Though i doubt they'll buy anyone out by now so it's very likely they'll get Woxic or something. They could also go for Maka
2021-03-05 02:19
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Estonia whosmans
niko might be a good awper since he is already a baiter B)
2021-03-05 02:22
Where did they say that +JaCkz is temporary ? from what I got he's back on the lineup not just for EPL
2021-03-05 02:23
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no way is he going full time, they already stated he has communication issues when speaking english and they already have amanek that out did him in the same positions. surely it's temporary
2021-03-05 02:27
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Yeah like there is no way any of these guys will main awp right?, i mean niko is most likely but G2 don't want to jeopardize his star rifling, and there is definetly more better options.
2021-03-05 02:31
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As much as I miss Kenny already, I think they will be fine with current 5 but amanek should prob atleast hold some of the awp responsibility on the team, with Niko on it all the time we lose a lot of potential plays/strats.
2021-03-05 02:38
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That is true, but i just feel like if they are willing to bench kennys, they would probably want a solid main awper to replace him.
2021-03-05 03:07
Bosnia and Herzegovina hyrox1
woxic-they will consider him for sure. GuardiaN-not an option. MSL-also not option. ottoNd-no. CeRq-they will consider him as well. mantuu-OG wouldn't sell him. Maka-no. So I would say there is only battle between woxic and CeRq.
2021-03-05 03:00
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otto is underrated and Maka would make sense since they do have French routes, CeRq is sort of a dream (and would for sure cause the disband of EG) and tbh woxic isn't a good pickup atm
2021-03-05 03:33
woxic has been benched twice now, I say they dont get him
2021-03-05 16:41
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