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Cheap overdrive/compression pedals
United States 15_yr_old_friendly_user_ 
Anyone have recommendations for a cheap overdrive/compression pedal? Or anything that sounds like a 1970’s blues-rock guitar. Trying to get a tone similar to this:
2021-03-05 22:52
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Idk try searching for something online, I heard darkglass pedals are decent
2021-03-05 22:54
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They’re pretty expensive, I’m not opposed to buying them, but I’ll definitely check it out. Edit: Apparently they’re meant for bass.
2021-03-05 22:56
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Oof then I don't know, I'm a bassist myself and that's the only pedal brand I know (but I don't own any)
2021-03-05 22:57
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I see, well thanks for trying to help.
2021-03-05 22:57
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Try searching for YouTube videos , like "best guitar pedals for compression" ,I'm sure you will find something
2021-03-05 23:02
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In my opinion, they don’t really do a good job, the video explains the pedal, which is good, but when they start playing, all they do is just play a couple open chords and then that’s it.
2021-03-05 23:08
no i dont think so
2021-03-05 22:56
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Okay, well do you know any not so cheap ones?
2021-03-05 22:58
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its 2021 not 1970 sir
2021-03-05 23:01
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I know, but I still like that tone.
2021-03-05 23:02
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2021-03-05 23:03
2021-03-06 22:29
I like TC Electronic's MojoMojo! It suits my needs and also is very affordable
2021-03-06 22:34
I have a Boss CS-2 and it's great
2021-03-06 22:35
Ibanez Tubescreamer? I'm pretty sure Stevie Ray Vaughan used it so it's definitely good. Might not be cheap though.
2021-03-06 22:37
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