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Ethan already smurfing in Valorant
Lebanon Dogman69 
bruh Ethan already playing sick with 100T in Valurant
2021-03-07 03:20
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2021-03-07 03:26
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2021-03-07 03:28
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2021-03-07 05:54
2021-03-07 03:31
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Slovakia xaboff
he's just doing well for 100t in valorant
2021-03-07 03:34
Mexico PS5
they won 4/5 games after he joined
2021-03-07 03:37
no practice in another game and shitting on the old farts, lel
2021-03-07 03:32
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Lebanon Dogman69
mostly rekting MDL and OW kids
2021-03-07 03:42
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Well the majority of the pro scene in Valorant are washed CS pros.
2021-03-07 03:46
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2021-03-07 06:00
yes indeed 0.93 rating and 0,97 but he played pretty good in other games and I have no idea how rating works as I do not follow the scene or barely play the game
2021-03-07 03:54
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he barely going positive, wtf he should be way better than this lmfao
2021-03-07 03:55
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He is getting adjusted and he definitely has the skill. Give him time, he is grinding and playing dm and etc. But I am not into Valorant so ye.
2021-03-07 03:57
Watch the game to see the full story. For example, hiko wins most 1vXs so his stats can sometimes be inflated as compared to someone else. Rightfully so since he met the test and passed, but not every player is given the opportunity to get 4 1v1s as last alive. Also still, every player cant turn a 1v4 in 4 separate engagements but you get the idea. its like the guy whos always last alive stat padding except hiko just wins those.
2021-03-07 06:08
OMG, hltv in Valorant
2021-03-07 04:03
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Denmark Notallama
Shameless ripoff lmao
2021-03-07 04:32
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Yes, feel bad man for someone like me who lives in hltv
2021-03-07 04:35
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Denmark Notallama
They'll get Better Collective's lawyers on their ass at some point
2021-03-07 05:00
He got Radiant rank a few months ago. It's not like he is new to the game.
2021-03-07 04:44
not really asuna is the carry tbh
2021-03-07 05:36
Nepal Aguminok
u mean rotting?
2021-03-07 05:37
already achieved more than being in EG
2021-03-07 08:10
valorant takes much less skill. slow movement, less recoil, bigger hitboxes it's basically cs go for casuals/kids
2021-03-07 08:15
Australia Cheesle2
Ethan is literally bottom fragging every game. Getting carried by Asuna and Hiko
2021-03-07 08:26
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