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dessert or no
North America northamericant 
guys i decided to see what would happen if i didnt eat dessert for 4 months well i didnt originally plan it to be 4 months just decided to stop eating any sweets now i kinda wanna give up you think i give it up or keep going also contrary to my flag im not fat its not a weight thing just decided to fuck around and see what would happen you know
2021-03-07 03:26
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how fat are you
2021-03-07 03:28
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i said im not fat bout 165 pounds
2021-03-07 03:29
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2021-03-07 03:39
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google says 165 pounds is 75 kg
2021-03-07 03:42
4 months without sweets or dessert is hard for you? lol
2021-03-07 03:28
Just eat once per month and maybe that day so like 100 pushups or something
2021-03-07 03:28
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yo thats a lot of fucking push ups
2021-03-07 03:29
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well you can do it everyday, spread it out through out the day, and each day try to shorten the time in between rest and doing them, eventually you'll do 100 pushups in 5-10 minutes.
2021-03-07 03:35
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yea i been doing jumpung jacks like that to try to counteract working at home and not geting out much, so i guess i could add jumping jacks so i dont get spaghetti arms
2021-03-07 03:37
just slowly reduce the amount of sugar you consume day by day
2021-03-07 03:40
What kind of deserts?
2021-03-07 03:45
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2021-03-07 03:59
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