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thoughts about anubis?
Russia i)are)think)that 
How do you like the map? Would it be nice to see it in tournaments too? The existing maps have been there for ages
2021-03-07 07:08
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terrible map
2021-03-07 07:12
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2021-03-07 19:39
it's the one thing OW is better at
2021-03-07 07:15
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Anubis in ow is absolute dog water
2021-03-07 07:16
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It's better than CSGO Anubis. Although that's not an achievement.
2021-03-07 07:17
Rapper | 
United States E_40
Horus better
2021-03-07 07:20
World Beard43
Goodest map
2021-03-07 07:24
I wouldn't mind Anubis, because it obviously won't be exactly the same as it is now, and I think it has potential. Some other maps I would like are Ruby and Santorini. Even Biome wasn't bad.
2021-03-07 07:34
Russia VelsVivard
I'd rather see 8 official maps split between bomb and hostage scenarios, much more refreshing. Dust II, Mirage (reworked), Cache & Inferno. Office, Agency, Assault, Italy. Maps would be rotating every season, from summer to winter.
2021-03-07 07:38
it looks super cool but not compe ready
2021-03-07 07:52
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you think so? IDK, I obviously never saw it played at high level but it seems to be nicely balanced
2021-03-07 19:34
anubis can go sleep in garbage)
2021-03-07 07:55
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