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This guy has a lot of hype around him but he’s not really performing that well anymore he’s not the carry for endpoint that he had previously been is this guy even a hot prospect anymore?
2021-03-07 16:49
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onto the next fpl star
2021-03-07 16:50
ropz | 
Netherlands ONGix
Not everyone can be ropz unfortunately for him
2021-03-07 16:51
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United States drac0z
unfortunatley ropz cannot be as godly as mir everyone < ropz < mir
2021-03-07 17:00
wow bro he had 2 lucky plays in a short time span and everybody goes crazy.
2021-03-07 16:52
I think his roles have changed recently but I'm not sure
2021-03-07 16:52
I think he is still the same prospect, but if you put a kid under a loophole ofc you gonna see some cracks
2021-03-07 16:55
Finland Eestu
I still think he is an interesting player to follow. I have a lot of respect for him considering he plays from Israel with like 90 ping and still puts up good numbers (although it's tier 2-3). Also seems like a nice guy. 👍
2021-03-07 16:57
2 replies also doesn't seem to be onliner
2021-03-07 16:58
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Finland Eestu
That's mostly local competition, but still impressive nonetheless. And tbh I feel like most people who normally play with like 80-100 ping usually perform better on LAN.
2021-03-07 17:02
Yes he’s still a hot prospect - lighting it up in FPL, pros like him, and his last 2 tournament ratings are 1.10 and 1.13 in HomeSweetHome 1&2. He's a very talented guy.
2021-03-07 16:59
Israel shade175
u guys have to understand he is 17 and still goes to school and having a social life at this age specially with covid and shit its really hard to be that consistent when u live a far far way from your team with shit ping and hardly actually knowing your teamates.. i hope i dont over exaggerate stuff but this is how i think it is . and for real he is an insanly talnted player with great potential..
2021-03-07 17:04
FlameZ>Any active british player
2021-03-07 17:06
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Czech Republic JameS_19
Why you need to be immediately toxic? I am sometimes sick of my country mates. Someone asks something and you need to be toxic because of it. Why?
2021-03-07 17:09
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Holy shit why tf are you always writing shit like this under my comments? Its not even toxic, its HLTV banter. Just calm tf down
2021-03-07 17:10
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True your not gonna offend someone from the uk lol
2021-03-07 17:23
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Plus I reckon a full UK team would beat Sinners
2021-03-07 17:23
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After today match vs CPH flames, I have to agree :(
2021-03-07 17:27
:D I didn't even want to. This guy always wirtes whole dissertation about how he hates CZ people or smth under my comment. I dunno what's his point tho. Good match by Endpoint btw <3
2021-03-07 17:26
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Yeah ik ur not
2021-03-07 19:13
"your" XD
2021-03-07 17:26
Russia Kalacia
wheres the cz scene again? fuck wrong reply
2021-03-07 17:30
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I mean....What british team is in top 30? Naaah, jk, cz scene is just Sinners :D
2021-03-07 17:31
Never heard ANY hype for Flamez.
2021-03-07 17:24
2021-03-07 17:30
Israel Redku
He’s had like 2 bad game bro. Before that he was on one dropping 30 every map
2021-03-07 17:35
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