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What happened to this amazing player? Dude used to entry lurk support everything. Was really really good In envy + faze as well
2021-03-08 01:43
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Norway TheDEA
Got nuked
2021-03-08 01:44
Kio come back soon
2021-03-08 01:44
He was decent at best, always carried by better players except a few standout performances
2021-03-08 01:45
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He was never a star, he was always a support player, and with that context he was a wonderful player.
2021-03-08 01:53
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Kio has been an entry fragger or second entry for most of his career, only later he became a support player
2021-03-08 01:59
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I should have said "supportive player". The point still stands, the roles he played in basically every team were always to help the stars of the team, and make them better. So saying he was "carried" is a bit of a tedious statement.
2021-03-08 02:02
JW | 
United States sen0r_vac
streams Slots on twitch
2021-03-08 01:49
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Chile cristiaan
2021-03-08 02:03
Lebanon Dogman69
his reputation was ruined
2021-03-08 01:50
On Faze he was good
2021-03-08 01:51
Brazil chico12
he is a gambling streamer now
2021-03-08 01:52
2021-03-08 01:54
damn that 2015-16 envy roster <3
2021-03-08 01:55
After this thread OG kio incoming xD
2021-03-08 01:55
slot spinner and wasted player
2021-03-08 02:08
2020 with Heretics as IGL. Placing top 4 or 6 (Don't remember) in the first RMR. Then it looks like things started to get toxic in the team and after Nivera got picked up by Vitality, they slowly (Maka benching himself included) regressed until disband and him deciding to take a break from CS weeks before. Last week he played with DBL Poney (A french mix) in the national esl league. Not sure if he plans to keep playing with them
2021-03-08 02:10
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