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Cloud9 fix
CIS Jva4ka 
They should terminate contracts and release all their players and spend their money on a better lineup: valde niko blameF - IGL k0nfig Farlig - awp Of course it’s not realistic but this would be a drastic improvement
2021-03-09 10:07
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Nice "fix", man.Yyou just tell us how your dream team is look like
2021-03-09 10:10
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Nah my dream team would be something different
2021-03-09 10:11
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okay, understood
2021-03-09 11:11
Should’ve done that in the first place but HenryG convinced them that he’s a 500IQ guy for roster building because he was a caster in cs. xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
2021-03-09 11:13
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Germany Gabbah
he is also an ex-cs:s and cs:go pro player, so stfu maybe? I agree the team is not doing well atm, but coL didnt either, so why shouldnt this team succeed aswell?
2021-03-09 11:19
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yeah give them time. they just found together as a team, you cannot expect them to be succesfull immediatly
2021-03-09 11:29
Finland Jomppeboi
-everyone +random faceit lvl 10 players = better results
2021-03-09 11:15
Poland pimaZo
Super unrealistic, 3 players from super reach orgs
2021-03-09 11:18
karrigan - IGL blameF - lurk/2nd igl k0nfig - 2nd entry with karrigan valde acoR/Farlig - AWP
2021-03-09 11:21
"fix" = spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not a million) on buyouts for average players (not including blamef or konfig) while you could keep xeppa, floppy, and es3tag (put him on rifle ffs)
2021-03-09 11:24
Insane waste of money.
2021-03-09 11:31
You think Jason Lake is going to let go of his two star players that easily?
2021-03-09 11:32
boombl4 Ocean Hunden Snax Lambert
2021-03-09 11:32
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