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FalleN | 
Brazil zera_SK 
So u probably saw the thread Well, Poland is far away from brazil, imagine cops that don't shoot the driver ? lmao Brazil:
2021-03-09 16:50
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nah not as many traps here sadly
2021-03-09 16:51
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If you are a cringe police officer, please arrest yourself
2021-03-09 16:52
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u cant tell me what to do i am the law 😎
2021-03-09 17:07
lmao the people in the car dont react at all i would freak out if someone got shot infront of my car
2021-03-09 16:52
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he says something like "gosh, i cant not even get out of here" i would probably get out the car and run, the question is, what if the cops think i have something to do with it ? and shoot me cause im running... wtf.
2021-03-09 16:53
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the best choice would be to lower your head as much as possible
2021-09-24 02:25
yes you'd probably get shot
2021-09-24 02:34
Lol flop
2021-09-24 02:23
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
respect Brasil pls
2021-09-24 02:27
f0rest | 
Romania CSm1n
I didnt see the thread
2021-09-24 02:28
Brazil Bactuga
Haha why they act like they see this everyday, honestly they probably do. i have never even heard a gunshot luckily and i have been living in Rio (State) for my entire life
2021-09-24 02:36
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Brazil Arkanan
2021-09-24 02:38
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Brazil _pedrin
É da sul
2021-09-24 02:41
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