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xantares ?????
BnTeT | 
Ukraine futplxyer 
Surprised more people were not talking about this, is not normally ...
2021-03-12 22:30
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u cant use wallhack when enemy in smoke nt 0/8
2021-03-12 22:35
India FFjoji
bruhh most common spams if ever watch any pro cs on inferno, he is smart enough to spam
2021-03-12 22:37
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Brazil Arthurrrr
smart and a BIG player in the same sentence is kind bait
2021-04-21 01:27
All of these can be easily explained
2021-03-12 22:38
yeah it is so smart using wallhack in the team house while veryone is watching... you use your hack in your home when no one around not everyone is around....
2021-03-12 22:42
Never got a few lucky kills through the smoke?
2021-03-12 22:39
2021-03-12 22:40
That'd be so annoying lmao
2021-03-12 22:40
It Is VeRy MaNy NoRmAlLY
2021-03-12 22:41
He should've toggled during the game when they were not 1 round away from losing, this is just my opinion of course. If he wants to toggle at the most obvious point of the game (potentially last or penultimate round) , then so be it.
2021-03-12 22:43
you cant cheat on vac secured servers, nt
2021-03-12 22:44
Xantares skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him pc and game.....Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit ...and this cant seem on game screen..He needs to check-up....Day0s FPL Cheater with Streaming.....I think day0s still cheating...xantares using game deficit on PRO scene ,ON BIG Events.Maybe everyone dont knows him trick.He incredible....I want to ask his where is the comming of your skill's ?
2021-04-21 00:58
Norway TheDEA
2021-04-21 01:05
Brazil hugoooo
2021-04-21 01:12
Sound whore ez answer
2021-04-21 01:19
All kurds have sixth sense
2021-04-21 01:32
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