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Denmark slacking 
> decides to play overpass instead of nuke > allows zywoo to 1v5 on pistol round from long with bomb dropped on catwalk > constantly loses 2-4 players vs full ECOs hence never having a strong economy 'mastermind'
2021-03-13 21:59
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Are you racist or what’s the problem ? Unlucky series for karrigan
2021-03-13 22:00
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racist? hello brain
2021-03-13 22:01
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Hello, another racist
2021-03-13 22:05
Are you baiting or what’s the problem ? Unlucky comment for Water_Bottle
2021-03-13 22:01
its the same when they talk about MSL too
2021-03-13 22:01
Can't disagree. Some calls have been great, others have been totally braindead.
2021-03-13 22:01
how money lost though?
2021-03-13 22:04
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I've never bet in my life, betting is for losers kinda like faze tho and this is pretty sad
2021-03-13 22:06
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2021-03-13 22:06
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sorry if I called you a loser
2021-03-13 22:07
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