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Finland Habalabachoochoo 
They will never recover from that, never trust me. Everytime they lead they remember that and starts to choke. Spinx back to israel too with 100 ping and hes been ences top fragger basically if u exclude yday shit dust2 where he couldnt do anything. time to -allu -spinx -snappi +Sergej +Henu9 +Elfern (igl) Or just sign the flusha project :)
2021-04-04 22:14
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Romania LeviGOAT
agree -Allu
2021-04-04 22:15
ence made CSGO history proud4ence
2021-04-04 22:19
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Reaching major finals to lose to astralis is all they could do
2021-04-04 23:11
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Liquid choke!!!!! Simple vs xseven??!?!?!,
2021-04-04 23:17
HAVU has also lost the focuus time to time, so it's more about how players handle different situations. Besides allu played pretty well during EPL, he is really steady performer and team mates can rely on his level.
2021-04-04 22:34
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what does HAVU have to do with how ENCE is performing? not a good look for ENCE if you keep comparing them to a team with lesser resources and not even the best players from finland. ENCE should not have the same problems HAVU does.
2021-04-04 23:13
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To be honest I'm not even a hardcore cs fan, just hoping that finnish orgs are succesful. So I don't care if it's HAVU, SJ, KOVA or ENCE. Cheering for finnish players.
2021-04-12 23:05
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same. i get enjoyment only from the highest level of competition. that being said with the resources ence has they should aim higher than just being the best team in finland.
2021-04-12 23:09
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I'm pretty sure they are aiming for top 10, we'll see if ENCE can bounce back.
2021-04-14 00:11
Bosnia and Herzegovina xdkeroo
how much
2021-04-04 22:36
ChoKo's curse
2021-04-04 22:36
2021-04-04 22:37
Except on the following: never trust this man!
2021-04-04 23:05
Austria Grundz
EZworldrecord for ence
2021-04-04 23:06
Austria Grundz
Allu has been instrumental in setting new CS records for years now. 2x fastest round loss 1x biggest choke on D2 TELL ME I'M WRONG.
2021-04-04 23:16
Havu: +Aleksib and make finnish scene great again
2021-04-12 23:07
Nepal Aguminok
lose to gameagents and disband
2021-04-14 00:18
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