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Imagine -friberg +olofmeister
Lebanon iAintGotNoFriends 
dignitas would be top10 at least
2021-04-06 17:47
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Europe dontrax
dude I can imagine 1000 better lineups for dig
2021-04-06 17:48
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like... ?
2021-04-06 17:58
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Europe dontrax
f0rest friberg Lekr0 HEAP hallzerk just to mention one ;)
2021-04-06 18:11
Dont think so, he is the IGL and why remove a player that is willing to go first, be bait and play shit positions. Olof might have been a bit of a support in the end, but if he joined Lekr0 would have to IGL, and I think he likes that he can just be star player and hs everyone. This dig might have a bit of a hooneymoon period but I think they are solid atm.
2021-04-06 17:49
imagine -glaive +kjaerbye
2021-04-06 17:50
Hallzerk igl
2021-04-06 17:51
olof is on that valorant grind
2021-04-06 18:14
Olof is even more trash than friberg lol
2021-04-06 18:22
North America 007DBR9
honestly all friberg needs is to work on his mechanics, if he does that he'd be a good igl
2021-04-06 18:24
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