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bed bug scars
Kyojin | 
United States lizardgecko 
I still have a bunch all over me, but mostly on my arms and I always wanted to get rid of them, does anyone have any advice if you have got bed bug scars before and treated it?
2021-04-08 04:53
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They just went away for me after a while
2021-04-08 04:55
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This was back when i was 10
2021-04-08 04:56
Unfortunately, I didn't follow my mom's advice to not scratch, which made them quite bad. Compared to the pictures I've seen on the internet tho, they are not that really big
2021-04-08 04:58
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how long did you wait until they went away?
2021-04-08 04:58
I scratched them all the time too. As long as you actually got rid of the bed bugs the scars will probably be gone in a month
2021-04-08 04:58
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It's been around a few years
2021-04-08 04:59
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Dang man idk what to say lol
2021-04-08 05:00
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I was hoping someone had experience dealing with these bites and give some skincare routine that I could use to slowly remove them, but I imagine it's gonna be hard to find someone
2021-04-08 05:01
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I had mine for like 5 years. rubbing moisture on it helped I think
2021-04-08 05:06
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do you just mean lotion?
2021-04-08 05:07
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yes I am not very smart
2021-04-08 05:08
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that is ok, this is why we are on hltv. How long did you use it for?
2021-04-08 05:10
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about 3 months then they went away
2021-04-08 05:11
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anything special about the lotion?
2021-04-08 05:14
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2021-04-08 05:14
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ok ty men
2021-04-08 05:15
the only effective "solution" would be cosmetic laser surgery that would laser away the outermost layer of skin scar and let it rejuvenate back. It would set you back some $$ tho.
2021-04-08 05:39
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I've considered that, but I wanted to have a way where it wouldn't cost so much and be so troublesome
2021-04-08 05:40
How did you get bed bugs btw? Scary thing to have and hard to get rid of
2021-04-08 05:15
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from bed, house was going under renovations and I had them over the summer when going from 7th to 8th grade, I believe they stop around 2nd half of the year
2021-04-08 05:19
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Well I know it's from bed, probably from school or friends house?
2021-04-08 05:24
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my house was going under renovation
2021-04-08 05:26
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So you didn't sleep at home? Or whoever doing renovation brought it?
2021-04-08 05:47
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I did sleep at home, and I associated the bed bugs to the dirty environment because of the renovations
2021-04-08 05:49
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Oh okay
2021-04-08 06:12
WtF why did I click images when I searched it up, sorry I never had em :(
2021-04-08 05:30
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luckily so
2021-04-08 05:33
that sucks mens)) tbh i didn't know bed bugs were very common
2021-04-08 05:35
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Well it seems like most bugs, they become more active during the summer, which was when it happened
2021-04-08 05:38
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Which state you live in?
2021-04-08 06:12
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Georgia, near the equator
2021-04-08 06:17
2021-04-08 06:27
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